If you want to create a cozy oasis at home, Scandinavian home decor is a perfect inspiration. Warm, inviting, and comforting, Scandinavian design is sleek and modern, but with a welcoming vibe that works in any home. With a strong focus on textures and light, airy hues, the Scandinavian decor is perfect for lightening up any living space no matter the size.

A sister of minimalism, Scandinavian design is all about focusing on what matters and reducing the clutter that doesn’t add to your home. If you are looking for that perfect Swedish home decor inspiration, here are some of our favorite Scandinavian-inspired living rooms.

1. Keep Things Light and Airy

There is no single rule to following Scandinavian design, but many Scandi homes focus on a neutral color palette,  clean and simple, but the textures in the room keep it from feeling stark or clinical.

Focus on cool shades of white to keep your home feeling open and airy. Pair white with natural wood finishes adding a bit of warmth without darkening your room.

2. Focus on Just the Must-Haves

The signature Scandinavian look is stripped back and concentrates just on what is needed and nothing that isn’t. Keep things simple and elegant, with minimal art and decor.

3. Mix Types of Wood

Most Scandinavian homes utilize lots of natural wood materials. While most homes will focus on lighter, washed-out woods, don’t be afraid to play with different shades of wood, even white or gray painted surfaces.

4. True Simplicity

You won’t find colorful, oversized artwork in most Scandinavian homes, but that doesn’t mean Scandi design is devoid of all art. The lovely & simple pieces of wall art feel purposeful and pair beautifully with the simple color palette in the rest of the room.

5. Find the Right Lighting

Nothing screams Scandinavian more than a perfectly lit room. The lovely room not only features a beautiful neutral palette we can’t get enough of, but the multiple sources of lighting are also perfect for creating a soothing space no matter the time of day.

6. Add in Greenery

Though the Swedes are all about simplicity, rooms that feature greenery are a great way to marry the minimalist look with a space that channels the outdoors. It gives depth but doesn’t feel cluttered or too busy.

7. Let the Light In

The perfect Scandi living room features lots of bright, natural light. If you’re lucky enough to have ample natural light, embrace it and plan your living room around the windows and doors, and limit the window coverings to let the most light in.

8. Embrace the Undone Look

There’s just something utterly welcoming and comforting about this living room. It could be the soft textures throughout the space or the rustic wooden coffee table, but we think it also has something to do with the purposefully messy lived-in look. A Scandinavian room is never overly polished or clinical–instead, it feels well-loved and casual.

9. Little Extras

Make your Scandinavian living room feel personalized and perfect for you with an accessory. The best element of Scandi design is that it has no rulebook–anything goes, as long as it follows a few simple principles.

10. A Scandi-Inspired Gallery Wall

Just because many Scandinavian homes limit wall art, doesn’t mean yours has to, as long as you keep your art focused on a single color palette, a well-curated gallery wall can be the perfect accessory to a Scandinavian living room.

11. Add Layers

You already know that adding texture is key when it comes to Scandi living rooms. However, a few layers can make all the difference. As long as you stick to monochrome color palettes, you can experiment with various textures and patterns and still keep your space calming and inviting.

12. A Dark Color Palette

Though most Scandinavian spaces are light and airy, you can still make deeper colors like black or navy work. It means that black paint can look sophisticated and Scandi, as long as you maintain simple accessories and clean lines throughout the rest of the space.

13. Hygge As a Priority

Though there is no direct translation for the Danish word “hygge,” it embodies the idea of coziness and comfort. Add knits, woven fabrics, pillows, and more to create a cozy space, but avoid going overboard and adding clutter. Balance is key.

14. Mid-Century Themes

Though Scandinavian design is not the same as mid-century modern, they do share some common themes. Both styles embrace the art of minimalism and design with intention in a way we love.

15. Break the Rules

The best thing about Scandi design is there are no rules. While there are some common themes, it’s easy to use the basics of Scandinavian design and make it your own.

As far as design trends go, Scandinavian design is one of the easiest to get behind. What’s not to love about a movement that embodies the feeling of comfort and warmth and strives to create calm in every space? Scandi design is a great inspiration for bringing a bit of simplicity and happiness to your own space.