Home staging can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be. Learn how to stage for sale on a budget in this post.

Are you a real estate agent who doesn’t have infinite funds to stage a home for sale? There’s no need to worry! You can accomplish a stage for sale on a budget.

A good real estate agent knows that home staging is vital for selling a property. The National Association of Realtors released a report showing that 49 percent of real estate agents believe a stage for sale affects most buyers. Also, as many as 34 percent of all sellers’ agents stage all homes for sale.

If you want to stage a home but are concerned about your low budget, never fear! Take a look at our top four tips for staging a home for sale on a budget.

Clean and get rid of clutter

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to stage for sale is to clean a home. Make sure that the floors are sparkling clean and the tables are free of dust.

In the kitchen, be sure to clean the counter tops and the stove. Don’t forget to wash the bathtub and sink in the bathrooms too. If you find the house has too much clutter, find a bin and throw the extra junk away before the viewing.

A stage for sale needs well-organized furniture

A great way to make the home you’re selling stand out is to rearrange the furniture. You can move the couches, tables, and chairs around in a way that brings more light into the room and opens up space.

You may want to break up furniture sets to bring more space to a living room. You need to organize the furniture in a way that makes it easy to walk around the house.

And feel free to remove any extra chairs that only get in the way. If you follow these tips, buyers will be much more likely to give an offer on a house.

Personalize the home to the local area

Another great and cheap way to make a home ready for viewing is to add some personal, warm touches. For example, add some flowers and locally made vases to the home.

Is this house located near the beach? If so, you may want to add some seashells and small picture frames of lighthouses. Wherever the house is located, be sure to add some flowers and plants to give the home more life.

These cheap tips for staging a home should help bring more offers on the house for the seller.

Improve the outside look of the house

The first impression that a buyer has when viewing a home is the outside. When a buyer pulls up to the house, they immediately start judging whether this is a neighborhood they’d want to live in.

Be sure to mow the lawn and get rid of any debris on the sidewalks and driveway. Buy a can of paint and spruce up any peeling paint on the outside of the house. If the lawn or garden looks unkempt, buy a bag of mulch and cover up any unseemly spots.