Home buyers prefer to see your VR Tour

While 2D floor plan or 3D floor plan can help home buyers get a overall picture of house structure, they always have to visit the house in-person before make their final purchase decision. However, it is not always convenient for home buyers to visit their potential houses, especially when they live far away from property locations or maybe the house production is not completed yet. In those cases, visiting a property is both time-consuming and expensive. VR technology helps solve these problems, allowing everyone to virtually visit properties anytime without leaving their homes.

Imagine you are in a new house, looking around room corners,  walking out of the bedroom into the living room, feeling the wall texture, sofa material and sun light going through the window. Virtual reality tour is a 3D simulation can help you have such immersive experience using your mouse, fingers or VR headset for the best effect.

This technology really boost house selling process when it can bring benefits for both real estate sellers and buyers

For property buyers:

  • Experience immersive and 3D walkthrough of potential house anywhere anytime
  • Increase the opportunities to find the potential house. If they can visit 3-5 houses within one day, they can experience VR tour of 10 houses within 1 hour. Hence, they can save their time but approach more options.

For property sellers or property agents:

  • Use VR tour to complete their marketing materials, create the impression of professionalism and increase their credibility, thereby attract more buyers’ interests.
  • Reach to a wider range of audience, especially for foreign investors.
  • Reduce time and cost for actual property visit arrangement by increasing the conversion rate from VR Tour view to in-person home visit.
  • In case the house is not finished yet, VR tour clearly brings a superior benefit.

And utimately, they all can reach to the final deal quickly


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