Matterport is a 3D camera designed to filter the inner view of private, multi-family, business land properties from the outset. Brokers can use it to conduct virtual tours through their posts to attract more potential customers.

The Matterport camera works admirably of making HDR photographs as it turns 360 degrees during its tour through a property. It’s anything but a customary camera in any capacity, and photography aptitudes won’t really help.

The scan results are as follows:

  • A virtual tour that you can explore through on an internet browser
  • An exact floor plan
  • Any number of previews taken from inside the visit
  • An optional “guided tour” motion picture of the virtual visit


Shooting a property has three essential stages:

  • Property combination. Turn on the lights, increase or decrease the shade, open inside the entrance, and any outside exits if you need to try to shoot out the outside areas.
  • Capturing the scans.
  • Touching up the output guide and transferring the scan to the Matterport site for processing.


Working with a Matterport camera during the shoot is a procedure of:

  • Placing the camera and tripod at a point on a property
  • Removing yourself from anyplace where the camera can see as it turns
  • Pushing a button on an iPad and holding up around 30 seconds
  • Moving the camera to the following area, for the most part around 8 feet away
  • Repeat this process 30–120 times

This software will start to procedure a floor plan of the property on the iPad screen by these steps following:

  • Keep track of windows and mirrors on the floor plan
  • Mark the areas cropped from the model
  • Plan your situation of the camera
  • Identify special floor levels

The product attempts to find the present scan point by checking on all other camera focuses on the floor plan in its structure. In the event that it cannot do as such, you should draw the camera nearer to different shots.

This significantly reduces the shooting process when errors are identified. It classifies adjustments and may require you to rescan at least one centralized output, especially the possibility that you start filtering the next point before the product reports a sorting error. This process can take 30 – 40 seconds.

The product uses intimations dependent on the state of regions previously checked to develop the geometry of the territory. It references dividers, floors, roofs, furniture, & different tourist spots.


Many things can mess up software such as:

  • Mirrors or glass entryways
  • Long passages with comparable highlights
  • Abnormally formed territories
  • Anything that moves, for example, entryways, trees or hedges in the breeze
  • Sources of warmth, for example, a hot tub or chimney
  • Areas of excessively brilliant light, for example, sunrooms or windows with daylight gushing in

For the most part, shooting indoors is quite obvious. In the meantime, you can find a way to reduce the number of alignment errors. Besides, for some outdoor scanning, it is best done when there is no immediate daylight. The supposed Golden hour at first light or sunset is ideal.

Ongoing changes to the Matterport software takes into consideration outside 360 scans of the building. This can be done as isolated independent points or coordinated and joined to the inside tour.


Some of the highlights to make, upgrade as well as disperse 3D plans are as follows:

  • Schematic Floor Plans – Programmed floor plans from your 3D content
  • Center VR – Each space in vivid VR
  • Mattertag Content – The feature includes and gives visual punch lists
  • Portable Capture – 3D examining on the Phab2 Pro
  • 360 degrees Views – Capture Space, all around
  • Space Statistics – Evaluate your substance performance
  • Estimations – Capture genuine 3D estimations
  • Guided Tours – Give an intuitive experience
  • 2D Photography – Quick 2D photograph display
  • Shaded Point Clouds – Shaded point registration incorporates OBJ and XYZ documents – Export information for various applications


Matterport effects provide a sensible 3D view and a virtual experience of an asset. Its product is a distinct advantage to the universe of real estate. The camera is basically completely programmed making it as basic of a procedure for the client capturing the tour. At that point, when the sweep is finished, the output is handled and prepared to share inside 60 minutes.

In addition, the ability to see an aerial view or perspective view of the space is an extremely pleasant highlight. You can also interface in other media such as logs or web pages. Products create a special content in a short period of time.


Matterport has two camera items and three cloud plans. In the case of the cameras, Pro2 3D costs $3,395 whereas Pro2 Lite 3D costs $2,495. Their cloud facilitating plans extend from $49 to $149 every month. Clients need to buy into the Matterport cloud to process and host information for spaces.

Overall, Matterport is very powerful and useful. Using this software for your real estate projects will increase your business and make customers more curious about your business. Therefore, Matterport can help you in many ways from increased sales as well as receiving quality floor plans. This can bring you high yields in a short period of time.


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