Some people still have a mistake with staging and renovation. In fact, Virtual staging and renovation are both wonderful tools to get jaw-dropping images for real estate marketing campaigns. They are, however, are different in terms of processes and results, hence the cost and turnaround time are also not the same.

  • What is Virtual Renovation

Virtual Renovation is a dramatic photo editing to transform the way an existing space looks. Dated rooms get a facelift, all done digitally by Home3ds Interior Designers and technical staff. Based on your requirements, we will edit your photo to change floors, walls, fixed lighting, kitchen cabinets, etc.

See examples of before and after.

It is a great way to generate impressive-looking images for selling upscale homes that are in need of a coat of fresh paint and new countertops. It could also be a full-blown renovation where walls are moved, windows changed, and kitchens turned into living spaces. Imagination is the only limit.


  • What’s the best photo type for this?

Just like Virtual Staging, the best Virtual Renovation result comes with professional DLSR photography, preferably taken on a bright day or using HDR technique, but it is not a must. Home3ds can enhance your images, then process your virtual renovation.

Photos will be staged in the largest size that you sent to us or the Smaller sizes are available per request.


  • Can I choose my own Interior Design style?

We will edit the photos exactly according to your requirements. Feel free to send us the photograph of your rooms in JPG format ( High resolution is the best ), note the items you want to remove and add, and preferred style of furniture or interior design. We have thousands of pieces of digital furniture and materials in our libraries, so we are able to generate any style requested.

Virtual staging is charged per image, the turnaround time is 1-3 business days. 

We hope to be your collaborator.