Great real estate marketing helps sell homes faster.
Here are 5 tools to market yourself properly.

  1. Floor Plan

    Why should realtors utilize floor plans?

    Traditional 2D floor plans show the general layout of a house or apartment so clients can get a grasp of the orientation and size of the space. While 2D floor plans are generally effective, include not only element positions and arrangement, but also space area, wall scale, door size, and simple materials or types such as floor tiles, staircase wood, or sliding doors… 3D floor plans can provide more intricate details of house space and more options of view perspectives. It also creates a more vivid feeling on colors, materials, and physical patterns in house interiors.


    Home 3ds can support adding a compass, custom branding, square meterage. The price for the floor plan depends on the dimension (2D) or floor number of the projects (3D). 


  2. Virtual Staging

    As we mentioned in the previous article, physical staging is too expensive and effort-consuming. Virtual Staging – imposing furniture on a photo of an empty room – is an easy and cost-effective way to attract more buyers to open houses, shorten sales time, and increase the sales price.  That’s the reason why nowadays more and more Real Estate agents use virtual staging to indicate the potential of the house. 

  3. Virtual Tour

    90% of home buyers shopping online before attending an open house or showing, so it’s important to have a strong online presence. If you want to represent your listing most realistically, then a virtual tour will be the best choice. By using mobile devices or laptops, your clients can move through each room, see how the house flows, get a sense of each room, and imagine what life might be like to live in the space.

     We offer both 3D walking tours and 360° virtual tours with an affordable quote.

  4. Video Marketing

    Video marketing has been a buzzword for the past two years and it looks like 2020 might be the year that it finally takes off. It creates trust, provides value, is mobile-friendly, and helps improve your online exposure.

    Home3ds can support the google earth fly-in effect or insert drone view and images from clients. Just share Collaborators with us (email: [email protected])  we will transfer your Matterport tour into a Video tour, so you can take it offline or share it everywhere enabling video format.

  5. Photo Editing

    Beautiful and professional photos can say the value of your listing. All of the clients want to see rooms and furniture with a clear and sensible arrangement, no dark, no clutter, or blurry.

    Home3ds have launched this service. Click here to get more information.