Millennial buyers have certain expectations when viewing homes. We’re sharing what you need to know to stage your home for millennial buyers here!

Did you know that millennials make up over 30% of current homebuyers? What about the fact that close to 90% of these millennials purchased a home through a real estate agent?

When you want to stage your home to attract this lucrative millennial market, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure you’re playing into their expectations.

Keep It Sleek

When you’re staging a home to sell to millennials, clean lines and minimalist decor and architecture is a huge selling point.

You want to do what you can to present your home in the most modern light possible. Think “Instagram-ready.” Move things around to create a sense of open space. If you have carpet, see if you can afford to remove it in favor of exposing hardwood floors that are underneath. And don’t worry about wallpapering your home – most millennials prefer painted walls.

Add Small Accents

Even if the overall theme of the home is on the minimalist side, you shouldn’t be afraid of including a few statement pieces. Think things like vintage lamps, antique mirrors, and even a colorful accent wall. To get some ideas, we suggest spending a few hours combing through millennial design digital havens like Pinterest.

Lighting plays a huge role in the millennial market, so go ahead and get creative with colored bulbs, hanging bulbs, and elegant string lights.

Get Smart

Of course, millennials and technology go hand-in-hand. Even small technology-friendly details can make a huge difference in the success of your home staging when your marketing to millennial buyers. Be sure to include things like charging stations in as many rooms as possible, create spaces where potential buyers could prop their laptop up, and even look into smart gadgets.

These small, cost-effective upgrades (think things like wireless speakers and smart heating/AC) are a great way to help potential buyers to envision themselves in your home.

Add Some Life

Instead of paintings and other wall decors, we suggest stocking up on some houseplants to take your staging to the next level.

Millennials love things like aloe plants, large leafy plants, and even hanging plants. These plants won’t cost you a ton of money, can easily fill blank space in the home and will keep things smelling fresh. What’s not to love about that?