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How Architects Can Work Effectively With Clients Online?

During this Covid 19 pandemic, communication between people is increasingly limited. Although many measures have been taken to open the door and restore it, many people still choose to do it themselves at home to ensure safety. Besides, another trend is to expand business partners. Now, the business’s market is not only confined to one locality, but has expanded globally. Therefore, the demand for working online is increasing day by day. This is a form of both solving the problem of social distance and helping to solve the problem of geographical distance between people collaborating on the same project. Even architecture is not out of this flow. This poses both challenges and opportunities for architects. The question here is how should architects work effectively with clients online to achieve the desired results? We can offer some valuable tips that can help you deal with this in a way that works for both you and your client.

1. Make sure your connection is good.

This is the prerequisite for all your activities. Working with clients online means you need to rely on your internet connection to get things done. Make sure you have the right internet plan that best suits your work needs. You should check and ensure the equipment and the speed of transmission are active well. 

If you’re having trouble with your connection, reset your router. In most cases, you can quickly fix a slow connection by simply unplugging your router and then plugging it back in. If you feel the problem is too complicated and you cannot solve it yourself, it is time to call the repair service of the telecom company or contact a professional.

2. Choose and use a reliable payment method.

Online payment methods are increasingly popular and become an indispensable part of business. Paypal is the payment option of most people nowadays. However, you can also consider other applications such as Google Pay, Stripe, Braintree,… to integrate into your website. This helps to solve the problems of pricing and buying and selling goods, giving both businesses and customers more peace of mind.

At the same time, businesses should also learn about taxes, payment procedures, and costs incurred (for overseas remittances). This makes it more convenient for them to work with banks or assist customers in dealing with related documents.

3. Use a variety of communication platforms.

Clients and 3D artists can use a variety of software tools to facilitate communication. Individuals mostly rely on email tools to send their files and messages. On the other hand, you can use an array of conferencing tools to speak to both individuals and large groups via video chat. 

If you’re working with a company, team collaboration software maybe the best solution to share messages with others and track your performance instantly. If you want to maintain clear and transparent communication with your clients, it would be best to use different communication programs to ensure you don’t limit yourself.

4. Provide visual materials.

When you’re working with clients that come from delicate industries such as architecture, even the smallest of details can make a considerable change and result in the failure of entire projects. One of solutions to work online effectively (in addition to providing 2D designs and accompanying calculations) is including 3D visualizations, to help customers have a clearer view of your ideas.

Why? Because creating 3D visualizers for your clients offers a few great benefits:

– You can increase the chance of selling your work

– Communication with your clients

– Identifying and fixing any design flaws early on

– Sending images will help you instill confidence in your clients and ensure credibility and an improved customer experience. Modern clients are mostly into 3D visualizers these days as they allow them to see your work, which can significantly change their minds in the end.

5. Make sure to keep the communication between customers.

Communication allows you to be agile enough when it comes to communicating your ideas, and it makes it easier to get your clients on board with what you have in mind. It also helps you finish the project on time and stay aligned with end-user ideas and goals. 

The collaboration between a 3D artist and a client is crucial to providing a satisfactory result. It is paramount to establish ongoing communication with your clients to streamline the whole design process and ensure you and your clients are on the same page regarding both ideas and goals. So, communication needs to be smooth and transparent in every phase of the design process.

6. Be honest with each client.

Honesty plays an essential role in working with clients online. If their ideas are simply impossible to handle and bring to life, don’t hesitate to tell them so. If their expectations are way beyond your expertise and skill, be open and honest about it.

A significant part of being honest with your clients is to avoid promising what you can’t deliver. Remember, you’re working online with your clients. All they have is your word. If you start making promises you can’t keep, that will only result in negative reviews of your work.

If you are in need of rendered images to make it easier for customers, contact Home3ds today. It’s a easy way to help you to work online effectively.