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5 Interior Design Tips to Bright Up Your Home During This Winter

With the heaps of beautifully bright homes on SNS, it’s easy to look around our own houses and wonder why they don’t quite compare. Dark and dingy? If you yearn for a bright, happy space, then you’ll love these tips for brighten home. Try these 5 easy tricks and make your home look brighter than it ever has. 

1. Rearrange your furniture

How long has it been since you did some rearranging in your home? Before you start moving things, first, create a new floor plan focused around the windows. Because this is the part of the house that’s going to give space the best natural brightness. If the furniture is obstructing any of the light streaming in through the windows, rearrange the layout so the sunlight can really shine in. Putting large pieces of furniture on opposite ends of a room from where the windows are. That way, the room will receive the most natural light possible.

2. Use white or light-colored furniture

A dark brown couch is definitely pretty, but it really puts a damper on any space. Wherever possible, search for light furniture, rather than dark colors. Think white bookcases, beiges credenzas, cream couches, and light grays tables! If you have dark wood floors, then adding an off-white rug can do wonders. And if you’re not in the market for new items at the moment, you can always revamp the old with some quality covers.

3. Using mirrors

Another of the popular tips for brighten home is to use mirrors for decoration. Mirrors are incredibly handy in home décor for a couple reasons. First, they will make your room appear larger. Besides, hang a mirror to help fill a room with natural light and make it brighter. 

To do this, hang a mirror opposite a window or sliding glass door so the light bounces off the mirror and floods the space. If your walls are spacious, you can add an eclectic touch by assembling a gallery wall using mirrors of various sizes. Another smart trick: Place a mirror strategically at the end of a cramped hallway to make the corridor seem more spacious.

4. Add flowers or plants

Want to make your home feel brighter ? Let carry some of that newness into your living spaces. It’s amazing how far a little greenery goes in adding brightness to your space. Decorating with plants adds vibrancy to any room.

Fresh flowers add a pop of color and life to an otherwise dark and dull space. A simple orchid on the dining table or a small tree in the corner can be enough to make a room feel alive and energized.  Brighten up your kitchen this winter with a vase of bright flowers to bring a fresh look to a living room or home office.

5. Keep it clean

Make a point to keep up on cleaning during the winter months. Wipe down all of your surfaces, clean scuff marks off the walls, and dust wherever possible. Imagine how dingy a room would look if it was covered in a thin layer of dirt? 

Windows that are free of grime, a crumb-free kitchen and a freshly vacuumed carpet or mopped floor will help keep a room looking bright and fresh.

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