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3D interior design is a profession with many challenges. Not only is the competition tough, but the trends and tools that 3D interior designers use are rapidly changing. Therefore, those who want to rise in this industry must always keep up with the trends and create lots of unique ideas to make themselves stand out.

We are entering the digital age. There are many opportunities, both online and offline, to pursue your inspiration and generate new ideas. Don’t know where to look? We’ve compiled a list of the best places to look for inspiration for 3D interior design ideas.

1. Interior Design Magazine

Although no magazine covers only 3D interior design, many interior design magazines are established to regularly update new interior ideas and trends. They also include interviews and analyses from experienced professionals. Browsing through these journals can help get you back to the drawing board. In any case, you cannot lose anything.

Some magazines also have social media pages. Feel free to find them and like them if you want to see new posts on your news feed. They will even help you catch market trends quickly.

2. 3D interior design blog

Lucky for you, blogging is very popular in this niche. They seem to work perfectly well when it comes to generating leads and expanding reach in the world of interior design. In fact, there are so many blogs that you will never run out of them.

There are countless blog sites on the internet, personal blogs on Facebook or blogs of architectural firms, specialized magazines, they are all a collection of interesting ideas of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. You will surely find or come up with unique ideas when you look at the suggestions on these blogs.

3. Social media

With millions of people active on social media platforms every day, walking the streets of social media is the next logical step. See how you can structure your inspiration hunt on social media.


Instagram is the first place you want to visit. After all, it is a social media platform based on sharing images. However, there is one great thing about it – it has hashtags. Hashtags are like virtual folders that store images with the same tag.

In addition to hashtags, you can also follow interior designers on Instagram. Not all of them are 3D interior designed, but you might be inspired by some of their works. It will only take you a minute a day to scroll through their profile.


Facebook is also a place for 3D interior designers who experience a creative block. There are lots of people on Facebook and even more pictures. There are several ways to find inspiration on Facebook – subscribe to interior design magazines, follow fellow interior designers, and join 3D interior design groups.


Pinterest is similar to Instagram in many ways. Basically, both of these social media platforms are based on people sharing images. Only here you will not use hashtags but pins. There are countless pins for you to check out on a daily basis.

With so many interior designs and 3D interior renderings and visualizations at your disposal, you’ll never have a hard time finding inspiration again.

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