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Decades and centuries ago, architects relied on sketches and drawings to present ideas to clients or help them visualize their planned projects. The details in these drawings help real estate developers, and interior designers to plan and complete their projects with ease.

However, as technology evolves, so do breakthroughs in architecture, allowing everyone to participate in the project and unleash creativity to the fullest extent. Through the magic of technology, architects have moved from drawing boards to sketchpads. The entire architectural design process has changed and is now better, faster and more streamlined than ever.

One of the biggest reasons why architecture is better today than ever is 3D visualization; Which we will talk about in this article.

1. Easier to try out ideas

3D rendering and visualization make it extremely easy to try out new ideas. Sometimes, real estate developers and interior designers don’t have a clear idea of ​​what they want a particular space to look like. Architects can get their creative juices flowing and come up with plenty of ideas to help them make the best decision for their project.

Architects can present several photorealistic renderings showcasing different floor plans, materials, textures, colors and styles. They can even help customers choose the right furniture to ensure rooms are neither cramped nor too empty. That way, the client can choose their favorite design and be confident that the result will reach their end goal.

2.  Customers can understand projects more easily

As an architect, your job is to help the client understand the full scope of a project, mainly if they have never been involved in a similar project before. Fortunately, architectural visualization can help clients a lot, as it can give them the big picture and remove all doubts.

With 3D rendering, you can guide them through every step of the design phase to help them fully understand the entire process. It took all the stress and confusion out of the equation. Clients can now understand projects more easily, as architects can interpret them more comprehensively.

3. Easier to spot mistakes

Before technological advances brought 3D rendering and visualization to the table, many architectural projects were burdened with countless mistakes before the final stage of refinement.

Thankfully, everything can go smoothly with 3D visualization and rendering. With photorealistic 3D rendering, architects can identify potential defects and resolve them efficiently and effectively. They can detect and fix any design flaws before presenting the visualization to the client, thus saving time and money and building a safe and functional build.

4. Streamlined, Simplified and Accelerated

3D rendering is very important in architecture, as it makes the whole process much faster from the start. Not only 3D visualization allows anyone to create anything they like in a three-dimensional environment and with relative ease. You can always polish, improve or change – and this rhetoric applies to architecture as well.

If you are working in a 3D environment, you can gain a deeper understanding of your work; This will indicate what needs to be fixed. In essence, 3D visualization makes the architectural process faster and more efficient than ever before.

5. Huge marketing potential

3D visualization can help you communicate your ideas to potential customers – but what about reaching as many people as possible? Marketing architecture projects are quite difficult to use because not everyone is interested or knowledgeable in the field of architecture. However, most people can understand if the project can give a concrete look to them, which is why architectural imagery plays an important role in architectural marketing.

Another thing that can add a lot to any architectural marketing project is animation. Using 3D rendered architectural projects as an environment and adding a bit of animation can bring the whole project to life, which the wider population loves.

6. Cost-effective

Today, the technology behind 3D modeling, rendering, and visualization are much less demanding than in years past. Many companies offer the service of creating a stunning 3D image at a relatively affordable price. Furthermore, 3D visualization can be an extremely cost-effective way to design something. Because editing, fixing, and modifying is much simpler and faster on 3D models than with pen and paper, it saves a lot of time, so the cost of making some last-minute changes is cheaper.

The real world around us exists in three dimensions, and with the advent of 3D imaging combined with exciting new technologies coming soon, so does your architectural project. So get in touch and place an order with us- Home3ds to get 3D visualizations for your architectural project.