Most of us like to work with the latest and best software on the market. It would be a good idea to interview a group of very experienced BIM coordinators on what they think would make BIM coordination effective. These interviewees are often praised for their skills in leading BIM coordination processes. Industry experts shared tips, tricks, and anecdotes in various interviews. We reviewed everything that can be done before, during, and after your BIM coordination meeting to ensure effectiveness. We also covered how to engage collaborators and other stakeholders, optimize coordination processes, and make the most of your meeting time. We gathered some remarkably interesting practical tips.

1. Practice meeting and prepare: We prepare for the meeting in advance. If we prepare well for the meeting, it will be even more effective.

2. We need an assigned “designated driver”. This person has to be familiar with the model and savvy with the software platform as well as good at navigating the model.

3. Set a time limit. Some of our interviewees never let meetings go over an hour. Others were a little more relaxed, allowing 1.5 to a maximum of 2 hours.

4. Keep reviewing the coordination calendar. Review intermediate deadlines and remind people what the next week or two will look like. The weekly workflow is just as important as the big picture.

5. Pay attention to what works and what does not. Take note of what does not work well in your meetings and adjust it to improve it. Change it until you find something that works.

We realize that it is not always possible to do things exactly as you would like on every project. But here we have mentioned some strategies that will help minimize frustration when it comes to having effective BIM coordination meetings.

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