The core of all residential real estate presentations is the photo shoot. If presentation is the key to selling a home, then a photo shoot is the key to an appealing presentation. As any experienced real estate photographer will tell you, a quality photo shoot will almost never happen without advance preparation. It doesn’t matter whether you have an amateur or a professional photographer taking the listing photos. We’re going to walk you through your home, and give you a room-by-room breakdown on how to prepare for that important day when the photographer arrives.

1. Outside

To begin you have to prepare the interior carefully of your home. This is the most important photo of your house that the client wants to find out your house. We need identifies items to remove when preparing your property for the photographer.

Some of the most important items to remove are:

  • Cars, caravans. These bulky obstructions can block the house you are trying to showcase.
  • Garbage/Rubbish bins. Hide them out of sight.
  • Toys, bicycles and skateboards. These recreational toys are easy to make a bad impression when left cluttered in the house.

2. General

Another important general thing is that indicating the presence of animals should not be on display in the real estate photos of your home. Water bowls, pet beds, squeaky toys, leashes, or collars should all be removed from sight in advance of the photo shoot.

3. Living room

A photo attracts potential customers when they follow an interior arrangement that impresses everyone. We have to clean up messy things in the house such as children’s toys, and magazines.

4. Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms that customers often evaluate when looking to buy a home. As a result, every agent will favor a good bathroom for most homebuyers.

Here are some ways to prepare your bathrooms for a real estate photography shoot:

  • Ensure shower screen is free of streaks
  • Put out coordinated, matching towels and double-fold them
  • Remove items like toothbrushes, tissue boxes, skin creams
  • Close medicine cabinet, ensure no medications are visible
  • Place toilet seat down, hide reading materials

5. Kitchen/Dining

The kitchen and dining areas of a house can exert great influence either for or against a buyer’s decision to purchase a home. Therefore, preparing a home for a photo shoot usually leans heavily on the removal of eyesores, and other clutter. The kitchen is your opportunity to let the interior decorator in you shine.

6. Bedrooms

The bedroom is an extremely important image, it is a factor for customers to decide whether to buy a home or not. This is where customers rest after working for a day. Agents often decorate the most attractive and impressive interiors.

Contact us at home3ds, we can help you create the first impression in your online listing that might help a potential buyer decide to look at your home, so make the effort for a successful real estate photo shoot and let it be a good one!