3D floor plans are one of the fastest ways to digitalize your real estate property listings. The popularity of this strategy is increasing with realtors that are looking to expand their reach to the new market segment. 3D floor plans have risen in popularity along with property sales. How do to increase sales? Keep reading to understand how 3D floor plans have helped increase property sales.

1. 3D floor plans reduce lead times by at least 50%

Realtors spend a huge proportion of their time on the road or on location walking potential clients through spaces they have never seen before. Sales teams are now cutting lead times in half by introducing 3D floor plans.

The client now expects to get the majority of their information online. So give it to them. Give them the opportunity to experience the space and walk around the high-quality virtual floor plan at a time and place that suits them. More importantly for your bottom line, a 3D floor plan can provide a virtual tour online without any valuable time taken from your sales team.

2. Customized 3D floor plans make stronger pitches

The beauty of digital properties is that unlike the real world, renovation and decoration take seconds not months. With this kind of flexibility, you can afford to tailor your 3D floor plans to fit your client’s needs and make a stronger impression. In addition, it introduces their color scheme to the interiors of the property. Every little piece of personalization will help the client visualize living or working in that space and makes it easier for your teams to close deals.

3. It’s easy to tell a story with a 3D floor plan

Building a vision with your client is the foundation of any sales tactic. But sometimes you are selling a property filled with dated furniture, empty rooms, or perhaps it’s not even built yet. It can be much more difficult to create a story around these spaces. By giving a digital tour of the property using a 3D floor plan, you can help your clients understand the potential of a space by creating an alternative reality. Moreover, if your clients can easily see the potential of a property, they will recognize the value faster and this will make price negotiations smoother for your sales teams.

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