Anyone who has looked at houses online knows that online and in-person viewings are different!

Technology changes every bit as quickly as the housing market. But did you know that you can use the latest and greatest tech to create and even sell a home? 3D tour is the biggest thing to hit reality in quite some time, and for a very good reason.

3D tour frees up time for both you and your clients

We could all use more time in the day, but those in the realty business know just how precious every second can be. Tools like 3D touring can give your clients a tour of their potential home from any and every angle, all without you having to schedule an open house!
How convenient does that sound?! Just think of the time you’ll save! By utilizing 3D touring, you’ll have more time in the day to get more done — including selling additional properties!
Should you feel that 3D modeling could benefit you, look into our 3D renderings.

3D tour opens your listings to a much wider audience

As a realtor, you already understand the tremendous impact that the Internet has had on the housing market. With a few minutes and a couple of clicks of a mouse, clients can find nearly anything and everything about a house.

Take a moment to consider how this compares to more traditional means of reality.  In a standard sale, you’d have to take your clients around to various neighborhoods and show them multiple houses. With virtual home staging, your options are far more plentiful.

Customers no longer have to be local. They can view the home online, then contact you when they’re interested in closing the deal.

Understanding newer technology

If you’re interested in using some of the biggest advancements in the tech world, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with digital trends. Currently, two of the biggest game-changers in the realty world are augmented reality and virtual reality.

Re-read that last sentence. You can now tour a home in virtual reality. To get a better picture of how this works, check out some new service that connects realtors and clients in the virtual world. Clients can set up a time with their realtor and tour the home via a virtual experience. If you’ve got a virtual headset, you can see how the process works for yourself.
While virtual reality is fascinating, it can also be expensive. That’s where augmented reality comes into play. Some sites have opted to use AR to provide a large amount of information in a simple, easy to understand manner. If you think AR may be right for you or your coworkers, here are some easy apps you can check out to get started.

3D tour can help clients design their dream home

You’ve likely found yourself saying to a client, “Imagine a nursery or office in here! Wouldn’t that be nice?” Well now they don’t have to imagine, you can actually show them!
Some realtors have taken to using 3D rendering to help clients get a clearer picture of the potential their living space could have.

If you find that you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out! We’re here to help. Our experts are on hand to help you with everything from 3D rendering to 3D tour.