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With the outbreak of COVID-19, more and more things that we used to do in person have become virtual in order to encourage social distancing and slow the spread of the virus. Virtual real estate marketing has become a necessity during the pandemic.

Architecture firms with a visualization team help real estate professionals develop digital solutions to fit their marketing needs, including virtual tools to improve their online presence and close sales. Giving online real estate tours is one way to connect with clients right now. By following our tips, you can become successful at hosting virtual tours and open houses.

Photo Galleries, Panoramas, and Virtual Staging

Photo galleries provide the most basic form of virtual touring. They allow potential buyers to see what you have to offer. Use these tips to develop the best set of photos:

  • Hire professional photographers to capture the most optimal images. They understand lighting and texture, and they can showcase the property in the most flattering light.
  • Use 360-degree panoramas to help clients visualize the entire scene. The panorama creates a full view of the property, which is often lacking in online presentations. The more a client sees, the fewer questions they have —and the more confident they feel about their choice.
  • Save money by using virtual staging. Virtual staging allows you to change the way a property looks without the expense of buying new furniture. Visualization teams can use software to add furniture and accessories to a room using color themes and layering in the right styles and textures.

Video Tours

Video tours are similar to photo galleries, but they include a pre-recorded video of the property. When creating your video, remember to:

  • Write a script, so you remember everything you want to promote. Practice several times to appear comfortable and natural as you speak.
  • Mark your path and determine camera placement throughout the house to make sure you highlight everything you want to show. Do a walkthrough before you film.
  • Respond to comments on the video to answer additional questions about the property and engage with your potential buyers.

Virtual Open Houses

A virtual open house is a livestream tour of the property where you can interact with your potential buyers in the moment, as you lead them through the interior and exterior. You can set up virtual open houses by appointment, offering privately scheduled tours, or for a group of interested buyers who all watch together. To boost your chances of success for the virtual open house, be sure to:

  • Publicize the time and date in advance, encouraging people to sign up ahead of time, so you know how many to anticipate.
  • Map out a script that touches on all the relevant information about the property and highlights all your selling points.
  • Work with a cameraperson who will give the video a much more professional feel. Holding your phone yourself during the tour looks amateur, and you want to provide a polished impression of the property.

3D Walking Tour

The next best thing to visiting a property is seeing a 3D walking tour of the location that highlights both the inside and outside. Working with a professional agency, you can get walk-through or fly-through animations that provide fantastic selling points. Walk-throughs show the interior of the property, even if the project hasn’t been finished yet, while fly-throughs display the exterior of a project.

3D walking tour can be an effective marketing tool, helping developers and real estate agents sell many of their properties before they even start construction. Tips for creating a memorable walk-through or fly-through include the following:

  • Think about your music or voiceover in advance.
  • Think about what you want to convey before meeting with the team for the first time.
  • Visualize the materials and staging you want for your tour, and talk to your team about bringing that to life.

Learn More About Virtual Marketing

Virtual marketing for real estate is useful during this pandemic, but it also provides great tools that will be part of your marketing approach for years to come.

If you need assistance with virtual staging or 3D walking tour of your project, our team can help. Contact us today to discuss your virtual marketing plans for your real estate properties!