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As an interior designer, your job is to turn a client’s dreams into reality. So, what you need is a stunning, crystal clear depiction of how their new space will look. Fortunately, 3D rendering for Interior design is arguably one of the best things since the advent of the internet and computers. Everything seems to be changing as more and more 3D software are easily accessible and CGI images are seen everywhere; clients are also more eager to see what their space will look like. Now, 3D interior rendering is undoubtedly a gateway into market success and is more important than ever for interior designers.

1. 3D rendering will make you stand out from the competition.

It’s not always going to be the case but there may be times when you will directly “compete” with other interior design firms to close the deal with a client. Your design proposal may be fantastic. However, if you aren’t able to properly showcase it to people who don’t visualize space looking at floor plans or  a hand sketch, let show clients what your vision is in a way they will understand. 

Through 3D rendering, you can give your clients the chance to see changes taking place right before their eyes. In fact, it can provide them with the ability to understand any changes within the interior design fully. 3D interior rendering is getting more and more affordable so you should consider it for your next presentation.

2. Speeds Up The Initial Project Phase

Every project in interior design starts with approval. After you are done with the initial design, you have to contact the client and get a green light before you can continue. Therefore, 3D design is a reasonable choice in this case.

The process of approval with 3D interior rendering is not only fast but also easy. Even if you don’t get the approval, you will be able to make the changes very quickly and get to the next approval phase. When compared to any other method, 3D rendering is the ultimate winner in the efficiency and resource-friendliness categories.

3. 3D rendering is getting more and more affordable

 Years ago, 3D interior rendering could cost hundreds of dollars for just one image and only big firms had the budget for it. But now, 3D service has become so popular in recent years that it is no longer the case. 

How many times have you had to revisit your project and make changes because the client wasn’t satisfied? This doesn’t only take effort, but your time as well. You can easily outsource your 3d images to someone who is an expert with affordable.

There are no additional costs attached to it. If the changes are simple, you can even have the client on the line while you make them. This automatically means more affordable prices for the clients and a better position for your company in the market.

4. It is Convenient for processing a project

The truth is that we all live busy lives and can’t afford to go across town to visit the agency just to look at the sketches we might or might not like. However, with 3D interior rendering designs, you can do whatever you want. Send them over email, messaging apps on a smartphone, upload them on a social network.

On top of that, you’ll be able to extend your reach and start designing for clients who are not in your vicinity and send them 3D rendered images in a few simple clicks.

5. Customization for Advertising Areas

3D rendering gives you the flexibility to use the 3D renderings to fit all types and sizes of advertising specifications. On the one hand, with 3D rendering, you do not have to deal with issues in sizing requirements. ​You can take your 3D interior rendering to any location, whether it’s a website, blog, magazine or social media. The above means will help your photos go viral quickly and help increase the popularity of your brand.

On the other hand, if a client doesn’t approve the project, you can still use the designs to showcase your work to other clients. Essentially, you can use these designs and ideas to increase your profits by pitching to potential clients.

6. Earn more referrals and pursue more sophisticated clientele

Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing are a very powerful form of influencer marketing. Clients who appreciate the ability to seamlessly work on and envision their design through your 3D interior rendering services are much more likely to tell others about their great experience. Those types of referrals can’t be bought, and they’re one of your most valuable marketing strategies!

As your capabilities increase and improve, so does your ability to cater to clients that expect more from their interior designer. You can pursue more sophisticated clientele with higher budgets and more refined tastes. This will help you grow your business without necessarily adding more people or many more clients.

If you are considering giving 3D rendering a go, visit for more information; we have created 3D renders that are really affordable for most designers.