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You have thought about your dream home for years, and now it’s finally time to begin building it. This is exciting – but having an idea of what you want in your new home is only half of the battle. Designing a dream home that is a problem is not easy. Designing a home is very demanding and challenging, as it is a crucial stage that is responsible for making your vision a reality. Before meeting with an architect, you should be familiar with the architectural processes for building any home.

Step 1: Finding the right architect

Before designing your dream home, you will need to find the right architect to help make your dreams come true. Usually, homeowners start the architecture process by interviewing potential architectures. In this interview, you will tell them what you want and they will say about you your ideas and what they can do to make your dreams come true. This will help you and the potential architect see if your dream can be made and what they can do to help it become a reality. After finding the perfect fit it’s time for the next step in the architecture design process.

Step 2: Pre-design phase

When meeting with your architect for the pre-design phase you should have a final idea of what you want and pictures to go with your vision. This information will help the architect to create the perfect home for you of your final ideals and visuals. Taking your idea and putting it into a model will help you and the architect to see if everything can be finalized, needs tweaked or will need additions to function smoothly. This is known as the visual part of the process.

Step 3: Design phase

After finding a model that works for both you and the architect discuss the layout of your home. It’s time for them to start making the building plans on paper and using their design thinking. Here the architect will draw a schematic floor plan to be used by builders. These drawings are rough for the dream home future.

Step 4: Design and development

At this phase, the rough drawings from phase 3 become actual architecture diagrams. This is to help builders and architects see the project better. This finalization process will also give you a better idea of what you’re home will look like since builders will be going off these architectural documents.

Step 5: Construction

Construction drawings will be organized into the construction drawings or CDs file. This will make it easier to access files and these CDs are also a great way to ensure no documents are lost along the way by any party involved. Moreover, CDs tell the builders in detail of your home need to be assembled in order to be built. They are also very detailed so no detail goes unnoticed. In fact, any permits applied for in phase 4 should be approved by this phase. Without the correct permits, builders cannot start building your dream home.

From rough sketches to applying for permits, you now know the architectural processes of designing a dream home. So, let’s contact us today to get more details to create your dream home.