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When the agent want to sell properties, it can be challenging, especially when unfinished with nothing to show. Many home buyers are wary of making a deal prior to seeing the completed project. And even when finished, empty space can be hard to visualize themselves living in. Therefore, every agent has a resourceful and efficient that will work with a design firm. Visualization artists act as storytellers, generating a mood detail by detail. Especially four aspects through realistic virtual tours, 3D exterior and interiors rending, video animations, and rendered floor plans. This way making them full effect of a turn-key home far before the completion of construction. So, real estate often uses these visualization assets to give potential clients a clear and concise idea of what they buying and make the sale more efficient.

CGI Virtual tours

Many properties try to offer a virtual tour to customers so they know what the space looks like. However this is unattainable when trying to sell incomplete construction. Planned future projects, such as large developments and apartment buildings, require a real agent to get creative. People create CGI by combining multiple 360-degree panoramic points of realistic rendering. With these, clients can envision themselves in the space is a great step toward making the sale.

3D Still Rendering

3D still renderings act like a photograph, depicting one scene per image. In all renderings, engineers build a virtual world that creates a lifelike depiction. Real estate agents may use rendering to advertise a project online or in print, effortlessly grabbing the attention of potential buyers. Of course, this help the agent sell properties better.

Rendered Floor Plans

Floor plans provide buyers with detailed information about a project, outlining the layout of the space. There are three types of marketing floor plans: traditional floor plans provided by an architect as part of a construction drawing set, stylized 2D floor plans, and photorealistic CGI 3D floor plans. Besides, 2D floor plans are an easily interpreted image that helps the buyers get a feel for the space, using minimal detailing and staging. In CGI 3D all finishes, fixtures, staging, and realistic lighting are added, making the most realistic version of the plan. These are the most attention-grabbing of the three and can be a significant advertising tool for real estate agents.

Video Animation

While floor plans and renderings provide tons of insight into the completed space, there is nothing more realistic than a video–animated tour. Visualization designers use the most advanced 3D CGI technology to create videos that showcase extraordinary accurate depictions of the most appealing elements of a future project. Clients see a tour of the space from their own point of view as if they were walking through the finished product.

Utilizing these visualization assets makes for a successful real estate agent and makes satisfies the potential clients. Don’t be hesitant to visit us at Home3ds to outstanding service and high-quality – products to clients.