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BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an important process in construction. BIM Service process is even used globally to ensure that the planning, architecture and construction of buildings become efficient and coherent.

Revit is quite popular software today. Engineers often use this to restore and renovate built representations. It makes it easier to create 3D BIM models for public assets and infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels. Inspectors, managers, architects, structural engineers and general contractors in the AEC industry can all utilize these advanced services for their construction projects.

1. Point Cloud to BIM Service

With the development in the field of scan to BIM service, expertise in converting point cloud data to BIM platform.

The Point Cloud to BIM service provides an accurate building information model of details such as walls, slabs, roofs, elevations, pipes and landscaping in and around the site. The Scan to BIM technique captures reality as engineers build it using 3D laser scanning technology. They then transfer the point cloud data from the study into software like Autodesk Revit. The main benefit of this technique is the ability to evaluate point clouds and model geometric differences by generating original models.

2. Advantages of Scan to BIM Service

– Detailed evaluation of the design for the existing structure

Renovating and restoring old structures or monuments especially requires the use of services like Scan to BIM. That’s because one of the key steps is to evaluate and appraise the building or structure along with validation before approving any new design. Therefore, laser scanning technology using 3D scanners is extremely useful in this case. It generates the laser image through which the 3D BIM Model is developed having details such as beams, doors, windows, slabs, columns or any MEP components. Finally, existing structural and design details can be shown on this model to provide an idea of a newer design.

– In-depth construction analysis

Before Scan to BIM service technology appeared, the renovation and refurbishment of a building required a lot of time and effort. Because problems not visible to the naked eye will never become apparent in surveys, unless a serious problem occurs. But now with advances in laser scanning, people have overcome such things. Engineers can identify all essential and critical issues or building components with a single scan. They analyze the model many times before the actual renovation or construction begins on the site.

Engineers analyze the structure and laser scan images to convert into a 3D BIM Model incorporating all building data. After that, people use this BIM to thoroughly analyze and check all damaged parts, comply with BIM implementation, redesign or new design of the building. Then, they can make an overall budget, cost, time and schedule along with checking for obstacles.

– Perfect coordination and collaboration between multiple teams

Several different departments or groups involved in the construction of architectural projects are Architects, Design Engineers, contractors, electrical engineers, MEP consultants… The coordination and communication with each of them without any hindrance and interference is the key to a successful outcome. With the Scan to BIM service, 3D models created by scanning collaborate and provide flawless communication. Each groups of the architectural BIM services team can discuss and add their input to an existing model or design. They also recommend design changes if needed.

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