3d scanning technology

3d scanning technology- New breakthrough for real estate

3D scanning technology is a breakthrough in virtual technology, which is the most modern technology in the world. It provides a more intuitive and perfect perspective and connect clients to specific spaces and locations. It also enhances the ability to interact with a sense of realism, something that neither a 360 virtual tour nor a 3D architectural visualization has achieved.

Reaching many clients at the same time, impressing them by the image quality as well as the ability to experience great space, 3D Scanning is the secret weapon to help sales consultants faster than ever!

1. What is 3D scanning technology?

The 3D scanning technology is a technology that scans the locations in the real space of works and projects by infrared rays. Therefore, architects can reproduce space, colors, objects with 100% accuracy in the virtual reality environment. With the smooth motion, the viewer can move to any location they want.

With 3D Scanning, the time to perform a project is only about 1 hour (for space from 200 – 300m2). And after 48 hours of processing, the designer will hand over the complete 3D scanning project to the client.

2. Types of 3D scanning technology:

3D scanning technologies rely on different physical principles. It can be classified in categories:

  • Laser triangulation 3D scanning: People project a laser beam on a surface and measures the deformation of the laser ray.
  • Structured light 3D scanning: It measures the deformation of a light pattern on a surface to 3D scan the shape of the surface.
  • Photogrammetry  (3D scan from photographies): It reconstructs a subject in 3D from 2D captures by computer vision and computational geometry algorithms.
  • Contact-based 3D scanning: It relies on the sampling of several points on a surface and measured by the deformation of a probe.
  • Laser pulse: It based on the time of flight of a laser beam. The laser beam is projected on a surface and collected on a sensor. The time of travel of the laser between its emission and reception gives the surface’s geometrical information.

3. Outstanding features:

3D scanning technology helps you to convey the full power of your space for comfort and professionalism. In addition, it brings a whole new and impressive spatial experience to the viewer to help your project stand out. With its outstanding advantages and the trend leading, 3D Scanning is really an optimal 4.0 Marketing solution.

  • 3D scanning shows that multidimensional space can be viewed overall both inside and outside.
  • This technology allows clients to experience in a digital space. So, they can move to explore almost everything and interact with that space.
  • Mattertag Post are interactive points integrated by MultiMedia such as videos, images or websites in 3D models. As a result, the content of the experience becomes diverse for SEO and SALE.
  • Low cost, used time is forever.
  • It does not take much space to store, integrate in just one link.

To sum up, referring to 3D scanning technology, viewers will immediately think of realistic images that touch every corner of the space. This is a powerful tool to tap into the general psychology of consumers. That is the desire to “see”, to “touch” the product. Best of all, they can manipulate right on their own phone. With outstanding development and superior features, it has become the solution for many fields ranging from real estate, apartments, …..