Plenty of homeowners want to give their properties a major facelift. Nevertheless, they can be hesitant when it comes to signing on the dotted line, particularly for complex, pricier home renovation projects that they can’t quite envision.

As a remodeling professional, your goal is to help your clients understand the full, eye-catching breadth of a remodel transformation so they feel comfortable moving forward with their project — and you land the sale. That’s where 3D renderings from Home3ds can play a valuable role as part of your selling playbook and toolkit.

The Keys to Landing a Home Improvement Job

What makes closing a home improvement contract so challenging? Above everything else, the major difficulty for prospects is not being able to visualize the final result. 

For instance, homeowners may tell you that they want to completely overhaul their kitchen and dining room areas to create a modern, fresh space. Because you’re a professional in the business, you can come up with possibilities in your head. However, your prospective customers might not be so gifted. As a consequence, they may back out of a deal or lose interest because they can’t fully appreciate what you’re proposing.

Being able to show your clients 3D floor plans for their home improvement project can change their perspective immediately. A 3D floor plan also helps you achieve several objectives: 

  • Wow your clients: You show your clients that you’re ahead of the curve technologically. People are often wowed by 3D floor plans involving their own homes.
  • Provide a concrete visual: Being able to sit down with an individual or couple and talk about a proposed job based on 3D floor plans makes the discussion more robust. Rather than talking about theoretical placements of walls, furnishings, or appliances, you can pinpoint exactly what you mean. And that can move your conversation into a place where it’s easier to convert the sale.
  • Try different combinations: You can begin to move past the initial stages of a project remodel and take your clients down the path of interior design. 3D floor plans allow you to switch out textures and colors. This often excites and motivates prospects to begin dreaming bigger, or solidifying their visions.
  • By the end of a client session that includes a 3D floor plan mock-up, you’ll be in a much stronger position to ask for an agreement.

    How 3D Floor Plans Work

    You don’t have to be a tech wizard to use 3D floor plans, because we’re the ones who make the mock-up using our intuitive software. Whether you need 3D floor plans for interior design, home improvement, or remodeling, at Home3ds, we tackle all the back-end floor plan creation so you can concentrate on giving your prospects excellent, efficient service.

    How does the process of getting a 3D interior design plan to your clients work? It’s as streamlined as you could imagine. Just send Home3ds your Sketch/Blueprint or 3D Model that we’ll need to generate a 3D image of the space or entire home. We’ll let you know if we need further data after looking over them. 

    Share more details about your expected interior style or select your favorite template from our gallery. Your sketch/blueprint files should also include all measurements we might need ( to get higher accuracy).

    After bringing together all the information you gave us, we’ll make a few different draft views and return them to you for feedback. You can pick the best ones to approve. Once we have the perfect views, we’ll apply the materials you’ve selected for your rendering. If you haven’t picked materials yet, we can use our internal catalog to match finishes as accurately to what you’re envisioning as possible.

    As the final step in crafting 3D floor plans, we’ll generate final JPG or PDF files and send them to you on or before our agreed-upon deadline. At that point, all you need to do is use them to seal the deal.

    Help Clients Visualize a Remodel With 3D Renderings So You Can Realize a Sale

    A home remodel is just talk until you have a signed contract to start work. Help your prospects move through the sales process faster by giving them the visual materials they need to decide that you’re the right contractor for them.

    When used in conjunction with other smart selling strategies, 3D floor plans for remodeling can become an invaluable way to ensure you hit your revenue expectations quarter after quarter and keep jobs coming your way. You might even discover that 3D renderings set the stage for upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

    Want to know more about Home3ds or become a satisfied customer? Get in touch with our team today and start landing more sales with a little assistance from 3D floor plans.