Virtual Staging is the shiny new marketing tool turning heads in real estate. Therefore, investing in this 100% digital solution is a cost-effective alternative to actual home staging. For large portfolios in multifamily, virtual staging has proven to bring efficiency to marketing properties. In addition, adopting new technology like Virtual Staging is having a huge impact on savvy investors’ bank accounts. Here are just a few ways virtual staging can make you more money on your real estate properties.

1. Pay Less Than for Physical Staging

Real estate agents often use physical or virtual staging to breathe new life into homes or to give the listing an edge on a competitive market. This is because furnishing the space helps potential buyers visualize their life within the walls. And, staged properties sell on average 73% faster than non-staged homes.

2. Modernize Traditional Design

The vintage style utilizes clean lines, open floor plans, and walls of glass that attract buyers universally. Actually, one study claims that applying this style to your listing could add 26% to your sales price. Moreover, the benefit of using virtual staging over physical staging is that you can present a variety of styles to potential buyers. With virtual staging, you are not married to one particular look and therefore you can easily tailor the presentation of the home according to a particular buyer’s preference.

3. Inspire Different Uses of Rooms

The number of conforming bedrooms can make or break a listing price. If you find yourself short a room, the ideal can be accomplished with some creative thinking and a little virtual staging. Therefore, Investing in virtual staging inspires the buyer to find the home they want with the inventory that is currently available.

4. Remove Seasonal Items

Everyone loves the holidays. Using virtual staging to remove seasonal items to potential buyers visualize space. This way helps real estate businesses sell faster and easier.

5. Works for Owner-Occupied or Vacant

It’s a dream assignment to sell a clean slate that you can fill with amazing furniture to increase the sales price and decrease days on market. The reality is that most agents are selling owner-occupied homes and with that comes owner-occupied stuff. Editing the homeowner’s belongings to make the home more marketable.

6. Reduce Clutter

No matter how many times you ask your sellers to declutter you will still end up with photos of cosmetic-covered bathroom counters or fully stuffed closets. However, the remedy is virtual staging. Removing piles of shoes in the mudroom and eliminating distracting art is one of the simplest, and most financially rewarding uses for the technology.

7. Show Renovation Options

Some listings could use virtual staging to show buyers how small improvements, like removing a wall or replacing cabinetry can affect the entire look of the space. When presenting a virtual renovation agents often add a floor plan and a clear disclosure. Above all, virtual staging should always be used to inspire, not to deceive.

8. Finish Those Unfinished Projects

Many homeowners are ambitious but fall short of the skills, time, or money to complete projects. Virtual staging can be used to finish up abandoned work or to improve entirely neglected spaces, like basements.

9. Update the Exterior

More than 92% of the homeowner’s buying process starts online. If your hero image shows a patchy lawn or overgrown garden viewers will be less likely to want to learn more about the property. However, homes with professional landscaping sell for 26% more than expected. While virtual manipulations of the yard may not have the same effect on the price, giving the listing a virtual facelift will entice more prospects to click.

10. Stage the Outdoors

The American Institute of Architects reports a substantial increase in requests for indoor-outdoor living. Using virtual staging in space increases as it brings efficiency and saves costs rather to traditional ways. Show buyers your listing’s potential for transitional living with virtual staging. For instance, add furniture, and an outdoor kitchen.

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