Did you know that over half of all homebuyers found the home that they purchased on the Internet? If you are selling your home, it’s important to use the Internet to showcase your home. Digital technology allows you to use tools like panoramic photos, aerial photos, and virtual tours to show off your home.

Virtual house tours are becoming more common and expected among buyers. Keep reading to learn more about virtual house tours, why they’re important, and how you can make one.

What is a Virtual House Tour?

A virtual house tour is essentially a video of your home. While pictures of your home are expected and necessary, a virtual tour offers prospective buyers a better idea of the home’s layout, size, and feel.

You can do an amateur virtual tour, with a cell phone camera or digital recorder, but if you’re really serious about selling your home, bring in a professional. A professional can put together a cohesive virtual tour that is professional, polished, and useful to buyers.

High-quality photographs have long been a staple of online real estate listings, but as technology continues to evolve and define our daily life, real estate agents are using 3D virtual tours more and more.

Benefits of Virtual Tours

The virtual tour benefits all parties involved: the buyer, the seller, and the agent.

Many home buyers may be looking for homes in an area where they do not live. Perhaps it’s a neighborhood across town, in a different city, or even in a different state or country. Virtual tours give a better sense of property than photos alone.

Virtual tours not only give far-away buyers the ability to view homes, but they also allow prospective buyers the ability to take their time watching the video and going through the home. For busy buyers, this might allow them the ability to pare down their list of homes to see in person, saving them time. Virtual house tours are like a 24/7 open house.

Sellers are able to have their home staged and ready for video recording and essentially have their home open to prospective buyers at all times. This might limit in-person showings to the most interested buyers, saving the sellers time and hassle by limiting how many times they need to be out of their home for a showing.

Virtual tours also generate more interest online. Homes that include virtual tours in addition to pictures of the home are more likely to get clicks (i.e., a prospective buyer will click on the listing and view the home) and more likely to have phone and email inquiries to their listing agent.

Many buyers also seek feedback from family members and friends. Virtual tours are an easy way for them to share the home with those people whose feedback they value.

High-quality photographs are still a necessary component of listing your house for sale, but as you start thinking about hiring a real estate agent to sell your home, inquire about their use of virtual house tours.

An agent in tune with the latest technology and marketing techniques for your home will be a good choice in today’s market. These tours can help sell your home faster and limit the time it sits on the market.

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