In the real estate industry, virtual staging that sells the property involves so much more than filling a photo with furniture following the style that buyers want. Moreover, traditional home staging is now a thing of the past as more and more sellers are using virtual home staging services to create high-quality images of residential properties. Digital staging provides more benefits over traditional home staging.

If you want to sell your property fast through digital staging, dress up the space through these tips:

1. Add Virtual Decors and Furniture

With Virtual staging, you can add decors, and furniture and add seat furniture, hanging sets, and even plants depending on the space size to empty spaces. Moreover, consider the room’s overall size, as adding too many fittings will make the space look cramped and feel uninviting. This makes the property feel and look inviting.

2. Determine a Focal Point

Determine a focal point to catch the attention of potential homebuyers once they view your photos when adding virtual decors and furniture. Moreover, the focal point can help emphasize the point of interest in the room and ensure harmony between design elements added to the photos.

Generally, your photos should include your fireplaces, windows, and shelving. If the rooms have multiple unique features, such as statement chairs in bold colors or hand-painted accent walls, highlight them in your photos, as well.

3. Focus On the Angles

You should capture as many details as you can when virtually staging a home. For example, when taking photos of the bedroom, pay attention to your angles so you can include significant furniture and appliances in one image. Perspective is essential to virtual staging because it allows potential buyers to see the entire room and its features.

4. Shoot in Landscape

It’s best to shoot photos in the landscape. Photos taken in this orientation are more comprehensive than tall, allowing you to show more about the property’s rooms and use the maximum amount of space to add virtual decors and furniture. This increases your chances of finding buyers and earning profits fast.

5. Use a Neutral Background

Virtual decors and furniture are great accessories to dress up a space. You need to pay attention to the colors in editing photos to succeed to attract buyers. Additionally, if you want visual decors and furniture to stand out, use a neutral background. Using a neutral background, any visual décor or furniture you add to the room will surely pop out!

Combining a neutral background and decor and furniture in different colors will make any space more appealing and excite potential homebuyers.

6. Keep the Lights On

Light plays a vital role in photos, light can alter the mood of the viewers and significantly affect the quality of your photos. Keep the lights on even if you’re taking pictures with the abundance of natural light to impress homebuyers, which will bring more warmth to your photos and make your photos look more natural.

If you are ready to sell your home and aren’t sure if physically staging a property is right for you, consider Virtually Staging, contact us at home3ds and we recreate your home online by virtually staging the photos of your vacant rooms.