CGI in Architecture

Why Use CGI in Architecture: Top of the reasons that you need to know

As with any creative process, the creator is always going to want to portray their ideas in the best, most appealing, and professional way possible. However, architecture has challenged all the time like explain drawings to non-architectural professionals or construction teams. The solution for this problem is using CGI to reappear the sketch or blueprint correctly. These are the reasons why CGI should be used in architecture.

1. CGI Helps Visualize Design Ideas More Specifically

When architecture presents a project, the design can show the position or how to arrange space in the house, but all of them are illustrated by symbols that not anyone can understand. Another way is building the models for the idea, but it cost too much time and effort to finish them. Both the drawing and paradigm are too difficult to change or adjust to suit the reality and the customer’s opinion.
In contrast, CGI supports the lively image, creating all the details in the most intuitive way which helps all project stakeholders see the result on many sides. Skilled 3D artists can use drawings and sketches to bring designs to life in a digital dimension first. It allows them to see the results of construction before it begins and carry out any necessary adjustments.

2. Increase The Charm of The Home in The Right Background

It’s hard to deny that construction will be more brilliant when its characteristics are exalted in a suitable space. Maybe you will never know how your building will look at different times of the day. A smartly chosen weather setting can help highlight the benefits of an architectural design and create a whole story around it. Such a CG image takes the viewer on a visual journey, which is what storytelling is all about.

3. Detecting and Correcting Design Flaws

No architectural project avoids mistakes in calculation. Everything seems to be perfect in a paper plan, but many features make unexpected incidents in reality. When such mistakes are revealed, they cause troubles for both the client and the author of the design. Therefore, CGI is used as a tool to help prevent such failures. When the concept is visualized in photoreal CGI in advance, any mistake in calculations will be easy to notice. At the same time, the architecture can control and adjust materials and architectural elements before the works start.

4. Help with Effective Marketing and Promotion

In the era of telecommunications, where everything is shared via websites, blogs, or social media, creating relevant and attractive images to effectively show to your clients or studio audience is key to promote your business and your work. The pictures spread at breakneck speed are a good way to raise the reputation of your marketing campaign. Besides, it allows creative and marketing teams to test different materials, furniture, orientation, and distribution of spaces to make the development and the specifications of the 3D model coherent with the real space it will sit in. This provides more diverse choices and great experiences for customers.

5. Get Better Feedback

Most clients don’t have an architecture background, so it’s hard for them to read drawings or fully understand the design. This leads to troubles arise from misunderstanding. Luckily, with CGI, the risks will be minimized to the maximum. When 3D is used in architecture, it gives a base for a fruitful discussion as it lets architects and clients speak the same language. After the feedback is given, both specialist and client can be unanimous in needed changes and improvements.
So, now you know all the answers to the question of why use CGI in Architecture. Photorealistic 3D visualization can make the idea on the paper become an image of the product clearly and real while the cost is cheaper than other methods. Architecture, clients, and the constructor team ensure that they have the correct vision about the project to avoid mistakes. Advertising will be a piece of cake because of the attention from viewers to 3D pictures.
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