Selling a property lying vacant is a challenge. Experienced real estate agents know that buyers respond better to occupied homes or properties. A human touch adds to the appeal and character of the listing. Thanks to the latest technology, sellers can save a lot of time, effort and money by opting for virtual staging. Virtual staging offers fully-furnished photorealistic staging at a fraction of the cost of physical staging. Virtual staging leverages visualization technology to populate furniture, furnishings and décor in photographs of vacant properties for sale. Here’s why this technology could be the key to selling a vacant listing faster.

How it works

Effective Virtual Staging requires a professional photographer to take the photos, these are essential for the rooms to look realistic. The photos are then edited using design software to ‘build’ furniture in the room, most designers are trained interior designers so have a good eye for what works, and what doesn’t.

With new technology and techniques, designers can now make rooms look extremely realistic, even down to putting reflections and shadows on the furniture.

How to best use Virtual Staging

You need to get the attention of potential buyers when they are flicking through online listings or looking at promotional materials, such as brochures. You want to motivate people to come and view the property. With the affordability of Virtual Staging, it really has multiple purposes. But if you have the intention of selling a house it is best used for:

  • It’s affordable for everyone! It can be used for all types of property, from small apartments to luxury mansions.
  • You can choose the style of furniture in the images, so your listing will always be staged within vogue styles.
  • It is well known that staging helps to attract buyers and sell properties. 10% of listings are using Virtual Staging.
  • Buyers can see what the property looks like with and without furniture.
  • Makes your property a lot more appealing. It gets buyers in the door so that the realtors can then do the rest.

What Kind of Properties is it Best Suited to?

It’s viable for all properties, not just for well-dressed homes at the high end of the market. With it being so affordable and easy it is a viable choice for all kinds of property, from small rental apartments to luxury real estate.

Virtual Staging is without a doubt the best approach to marketing a vacant home, offering the benefits of traditional staging at the fraction of the cost. You can’t sell a property with Virtual Staging alone, but it will attract buyers who may not otherwise look at it.

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