When a property isn’t renting, it can be a trying time for property managers and a costly time for homeowners. As a landlord and property manager, the most important thing is to ensure that your property is rented and bring in the rent. With this in mind, here are our top 5 tips for making sure your property rents quickly:

1. Presentation

Ensure the rental property is well presented so that it is inviting and appeals to prospective tenants. Clean and declutter spaces so that potential tenants can immediately recognize the property is well maintained. Don’t forget the outdoor areas of the home, make sure they are neat and tidy too. First impressions are lasting, so it makes sense to invest some time into increasing a property’s curb appeal. A neat and tidy house exterior can make a huge difference because it’s the first thing renters will see and it sets their expectations.

2. Price

Ensure your price is in line with the local market. Setting the right rental price is key and involves clear communication with the homeowner so that price and strategy options can be agreed upon. If a property isn’t renting, check that the rent price is comparable to other similar listings in the area. Having a competitive rental rate is a sure way to attain interest.

3. Effective Marketing

Your property listing is your most important marketing asset. A clean and professional listing with eye-catching imagery and full details of the property can be the reason your inbox is filling with inquiries, equally so, a poorly executed listing can be the reason you’re not receiving any. Investing in your listing pays off in the long run – an effective listing attracts attention and generates more inquiries. Ensure your listing has professional-quality photos of the property and accurate information.

4. Streamline The Application Process

Create a fast and easy way for prospective tenants to apply and for you to review the applications you receive. This is a must-do, you don’t want to get held up at this point because if you take too long to approve an applicant, you run the risk of them finding another property in that time.

5. Prompt and Flexible Showings

If you hold open house times, ensure that you also offer private showings to cater to people who cannot make the set times. Prospective tenants are often time-poor, usually juggling multiple other property showings along with work and family commitments. Offering multiple showings outside of business hours and as soon as possible is good practice that can yield good results.

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