If you’re not aware of pre-construction marketing, it’s time to get in on the ground floor of real estate’s future. Here’s what you need to stay competitive.

It can be tough out there for a realtor.  You need to do whatever you can to stand out in the real estate market.  It’s estimated that there are 2 million realtors competing for the average buyer’s attention.

Do you feel like it’s taken you a while to move your last few houses?

You may not be able to sell houses because you’re not marketing them soon enough.

Pre-construction marketing is the hottest trend in realty, and once you learn about it, you’ll be eager to use it.

The basics of pre-construction marketing

Think of pre-construction marketing as a way to show home buyers the full potential of the properties they’re looking at.

Artists can create 3D renderings of homes and rooms before they’re built so buyers can see what their new home can look like.

This marketing method can be especially helpful for people in cities or other markets where new apartment buildings homes seem to be constantly springing up.

There’s a reason why realtors will decorate rooms and make them look as homey as possible when they’re trying to sell.  When buyers can see themselves in homes, they’re more likely to buy.  It can be difficult to visualize yourself in a home or apartment that may not be 100% finished yet.

A lot of realtors will have to sell properties that aren’t finished yet.  3D rendered images can paint a vivid image of new homes or apartments and could help close some tricky sales.

Pre-construction marketing can benefit realtors regardless of if they’re residential or commercial.  There are a variety of ways you can benefit.

Reach remote customers

Potential buyers that live in the immediate area will only be a small part of your potential customers.

There are people in different countries, states, or even countries that may be interested in what you’re selling.  But because of timing and location issues, you won’t be able to show your properties.

Pre-construction modeling can smash the usual barriers of time and location realtors have to deal with.  People can view your properties as long as they have an internet connection.

This can be especially helpful for realtors that are working in an up and coming area.  People will be wanting to check out the area, and you’ll show them everything they need to know.

Deal with non-serious buyers

There’s nothing worse than looky-loos when you’re trying to sell or rent or property.

They take up your precious time and take time away from people that want to do business with you. Realtors never want to turn down people, and pre-construction marketing can help deal with them in a proactive way.

They can take a look at properties without having to waste your time with a go-nowhere showing.  Their curiosity is satisfied, and your time isn’t wasted.

Let buyers get creative

When you’re showing a brick and mortar building, there’s only so much a customer can do with what they see.

Decor and layout are set in place, some customers may feel limited in what they do.

Realtors are always looking for a new and engaging way to show their properties to customers, and pre-construction marketing can be the new method you’re looking for.

A 3D rendering of what you’re selling shows nothing but possibility and imagination.  It may be easier to envision things in a static image than it is a build home or room.

Want to learn more about how 3D renderings and pre-construction marketing can help your real estate sales? Contact us!