People have already established a more conscious approach to consumerism. Most of them are turning to natural and more environmentally-friendly materials that also bring high-quality specifications.

The combination of metal materials with natural and raw materials is becoming trendy next years. As a 3D interior design or consumer, you should keep up with the latest trends in terms of materials and style. Today we are going to talk about some of the most popular material choices you should get on board with.

1. Plywood

Even though plywood doesn’t bring that much glamour, it’s become a formidable option. It doesn’t look all that special on its own, but it usually comes with different surface finishes, which can bring elegance. Every plywood layer is set at 90 degrees to provide sturdiness and durability. It’s often used for shelves, small tables, and built-ins and can bring brightness to every room.

Apart from being affordable, plywood is also eco-friendly as it’s made out of wood materials that would alternatively be thrown away. Plywood is leftover wood materials that are compressed and glued tightly together as a sheet. This means less garbage and pollution. Instead of adding natural wood, plywood can be an excellent affordable, green alternative to make the interior sparkle.

2. Wax surface finish

Wax has a watery feel and appearance to it, but it actually provides a lot of benefits as a finish. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces, especially plaster. First of all, wax protects surfaces from scratches, rust, water, sunlight, and other exterior damage. Secondly, it gives the surface a fantastic look. Wax is particularly useful for highlighting wooden surfaces and giving them a smooth and soft feel. However, it’s important to remember that you can’t put any other finish after applying wax.

3. Mixing metals with other materials

Metal is no longer a taboo in the interior design world. If you add it to the right places at the right time and mix it with other materials, it can have a mind-blowing effect. The key is not to overdo it and always consider the materials surrounding metal. For example, you can go with golden metal elements if you combine them with luxury marble stone. This will make a big statement of elegance and flair.

4. Natural wood flooring

For a couple of years now, natural wood has been a big hit, and this trend continues to last. The wide range of natural wood allows different combinations and new solutions that can be applied for various purposes in interior settings.

Hardwood floors are more expensive and require more effort to maintain, but they genuinely make every room look fabulous. It’s better than any other flooring material, and it can blend in easily with any interior design style. In case your clients want a more traditional look to consider oak, walnut, or mahogany. If they want a contemporary style, try tiger-wood or maple.

5. Carpets

Since we are talking about floors, we should mention that rugs are also becoming a big hit. A carpet can be made out of natural materials or textiles.  Another great thing about carpets is that they come in a huge variety. There are many different shapes, sizes, stylings, detailing, and color options. You can find a carpet that can fit in perfectly with any design style.  However, the downside is that carpets need to be adequately maintained and won’t last for that long.

6. Mosaic tiles

We are living in an age where everyone wants to be unique and showcase their style. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to do this with interior design is with mosaic tiles. 

Mosaic tiles come with many different design options, colors, patterns, and allow designers and cónumers to showcase their creativity as well. Some of the materials mosaic tiles come in include sintered glass, porcelain, vitreous glass, marble, and other natural stones.

What’s impressive about mosaic tiles is that they can be used everywhere. They are often found in hallways, bathrooms, the kitchen, and in some cases, even in the living room. The price is also really flexible, depending on the materials, details, and customization.

7. Marble stone

Natural marble stone screams luxury. It has become extremely popular in the past couple of years, and it’s used for flooring, countertops, bathroom walls, countertops, baths, toilets, decorative elements, and so on. There are many fantastic color options for marble from black, red, orange, aqua blue, diamond, and many other combinations. This is a sublime piece of material, and some of its best forms make every room an icon of exclusive luxury and excellence.

8. Tin material

Tin hasn’t been present in the interiors for around a decade. They may be a thing of the past, but today vintage makes a huge comeback and many customers love this style. Using tin panels or tin furniture adds a lot of ancient texture to any room, and anyone can do this affordably and efficiently.

These are some of the most popular interior design materials. They promise longevity, and chances are most of them are going to remain popular for years to come. Or if you are confused about what material should be used for your interior, you can contact Home3ds in order to receive the 3D visualization photos, that help you have a real vision of the suitability of each material in your house.