Instructions to run Facebook UID for real estate advertisements

In order to get high business results, you must know how to do real estate marketing and find clients. And Facebook is a potential channel to market your real estate.

Here’s how to run super effective Facebook UID ads that you need to know.

1. What is advertising with Facebook UID?

The Facebook UID ad is a form of running ads using the scanning UID files on Facebook. UID is the code that marks objects on Facebook. UID files are your list of potential clients. They may be certain fan pages, members of the group … And to have UID and then perform the marketing real estate industry you need to download the UID scanning software. From there, using object creation software, which converts the UID into the phone number or email information files.

2. Who are potential clients to advertise real estate?

When implementing real estate marketing advertising, aim for:

  • Business owners and CEOs of high-income units
  • People who are office workers with an income of more than 10 million or more
  • People doing business on Facebook or e-commerce floors,…
  • Residents in mid to high-end residential areas
  • Friends of celebrities

3. How to do it?

You need to detail the career list of your potential clients: For example, Director, CEO, manager or CMO, Founder… Then use specialized software to scan the potential customer UID by their profession.

In addition, you can look to the large Fanpage that your clients or follow are pages about: securities business news or business and knowledge sharing pages, pages with content about knowledge. marketing and marketing software, … Continue to get the software to scan your list of fan page likes. They are potential customers for your real estate sector.

Of course, you can also use specialized software to scan members of Facebook groups. Find your clients in residential apartment groups, online business groups or business owners clubs, CEO clubs …

Another way to find potential clients for real estate advertising is to search for experts in this field, famous business people or chairmen of large business forum associations in our country, from there. filter out a list of people who are friends or followers. Their friends are often business owners and directors of companies.

Once you have acquired the clients UIDs in the aforementioned ways, you only need to transfer these UIDs to Facebook ads and conduct marketing for real estate. Advantages of having customer UID available are:

  • Know in advance who your clients are
  • Guess the needs of the clients
  • Get the client’s insights

From there, you can run Facebook ads under the UID file, make friends with them via Facebook or Zalo to sell on your personal page. 

Thus, it can be seen that Facebook UID advertising is a real estate marketing trend not to be missed. Therefore, you should apply these ways to advertise real estate to target your potential clients. Surely you will be successful.


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