3d rendering service


Modern rendering technology is important when you want to do more than just to show a building and sell it. Although it can be a challenge to win against stakeholders without a finished product, investors know that they need to be flexible. So, let’s get rid of their misunderstandings with proper 3D rendering.

To convince them to buy your project, follow the creative trends that are working well in the 3D industry.

1. Animation is a need

Whether you are in the world of products, architecture or web design, watching videos can show the best design. Thanks to the 3D design, you can create the most interesting videos.

Walking or flying through space allows viewers to see rooms and passages specifically. 3D images show all the features of a design that can better convey its atmosphere. Looking at flat images can’t put the viewer in a space in the same way that an animation can.

In any architecture project, convincing stakeholders about the value of the project is your goal. Impressing clients with 3D renderings is much easier than a series of blueprints and drawings. With a 3D rendering, you can get approval, make quick changes, and have them say specific suggestions for design modifications.

2. Focus on 3D Floor Plans

Building 3D floor plans is one of the biggest new trends in 3D rendering. It gives you floor space from a bird’s eye view and allows you to visualize a complex design from part to part.  From that, viewers can see the visual presentation of the interior of a home before it is built and dug into it. While 2D floor plans have been in use for years, 3D floor plans bring so much more. And so, it is easier to see what it would look like with the furniture and décor inside each unit.

3. Invest in 3D printing

If you have a 3D model of a building, you can let investors lay their hands on what you are saying. Without 3D printing, it will take several weeks to build a scale model with a lot of material costs and a lot of manual labor. Thankfully, you can now make models that are so cheap and easy and do not waste your time. 3D printers can create complex models with fast turnaround speeds. After the drawing is passed through the special software, the printer will spit it from top to bottom.

4. Give virtual tours to your clients

Virtual tours are another great way to use 3D rendering. These tours use consecutive panoramic optical images to create 3D images of the entire space. Instead of virtual rendering, you can display the entire space in a more realistic way and provide a more familiar spatial view.

Virtual tours let you make things look real before they exist. Thanks to its high interactivity, with the mouse or touch screen, stakeholders can “walk-around” space and look in all directions. You will provide vivid images of a space as if the viewer is standing inside your new project. Accordingly, they can look closely at architecture, materials and decorative elements. Besides, you should add some music and minimal text explanations to make a stronger impression.

In short, you want clients to know what they are looking at the way they face it all the time.