3D floor plan


Are you trying to get inspiration for a new house design? If so, here are 5 unique home designs that are sure to spark your creativity.

A new house design is no longer a risky venture.

3D visualizers allow designers to explore their creativity while eliminating the high costs of modeling. They’re able to test, arrange, and verify designs without pouring the foundation.

The options are limitless for those wanting something unique.

Let’s explore five of these promising designs and see if one matches the idea you had for your new home.

New House Design: Five Ideas with “WOW” Factor

The national average for the cost of hiring an architect is around $4,600. These prices soar when designs shift out-of-the-box. Yet, it’s a price worth paying for a new house design that provides the “wow” factor.

Need ideas for your architect to explore? Consider the following.

Geometric Designs

Wood provides the flexibility needed to create elaborate geometric house designs.

These stunning works of art take many forms from a wedge shape to a ring. The design bends the perception of design by blending walls into ceilings.

The sophisticated design is possible through 3D modeling and pre-assembled and fabricated materials. They’re open, inviting, and allow for a wide range of pleasing layouts.

Tiny Homes

Minimalism is very attractive to millennials.

It makes sense considering that tiny homes are a perfect solution to the big problem of home prices. What you lack in space you make up for in design features.

The “shell” of the dwelling is customizable at very low costs. You see designs ranging from traditional townhomes to sleek, modern glass enclosures.

The small inside shines due to its limited space. Every inch of the home must be considered. This allows tiny house owners to explore (and test) their creativity in ways not available in larger homes.


Those daring enough to brave simplicity (and the weather) have found solace in yurt housing. These designs are ideal for a vacation property or expecting to sell because of their compartmentalized features.

Take one part tent and mix it with one part cabin. You’ve got yourself a yurt.

These buildings are perfect for guest housing, office spaces, and/or fitness rooms.

The design of the new house design will find restrictions in the exterior but its open floor plan will delight those wanting open concepts.

Container Homes

Hundreds of thousands of containers are used to transport goods around the globe. Now they’re staying in place and used as our homes!

Container homes are flexible “building blocks”:

  • Stackable
  • Sturdy
  • Simple

Designers can intertwine containers to create larger spaces (much like Legos).

The low costs and simplicity allow homeowners to maximize their budget toward the features inside.


Dimensional designs allow features to emerge from the home.

Features are often paired with contemporary designs such as glass walls and high contrast colors. It’s common to find alternative textures in these designs to create an eye-catching feature.

This bold departure from traditionally flat faces adds stunning curb appeal and extra space to the home.

From Idea to Construction: Let Us Help You

Can’t quite conceptualize the look of your new home?

Let our team of professionals create a 3D architectural rendering!

These 3D renderings are a fantastic way to understand what your home could become without the high costs of construction. In a few days, you can expect a 3D rendering that will knock your socks off. Contact us today!