steps for realtor marketing checklist

Are you a realtor in the field of Real Estate industry? Ready to start marketing your properties?

Here are 5 points checklist for you to follow to market yourself properly.


This means you have a page on your website dedicated to a featured listing that will keep people on your site for a longer time. This will help with SEO articles. The longer people stay on your site, the more likely they are to reach out to you for help with buying or selling their home.

This content is considered prime content because it covers the information that home buyers and sellers are most interested in. To get great results, you have to include the full property address in the page title and URL to feature your professional listing photos.

If you have a website and you already have a section for “Featured Listings”, make sure every home has its own landing page. That way, when you want to talk about one specific home, you can send traffic to that specific page.


In the past, the only thing you had to do was make sure Google liked what you were doing. Now, you must use a specific language that Google (the search engine) will prefer. But in addition, you need to make sure that you are using the language and words people will use to find you.

Google considers photos to be high-quality content. Google and other search engines favor websites that have lots of images on text-based websites. So before uploading a photo, you need to rename it in the following format: [property address ] – [descriptor].

This is done so that Google can understand what the photo is. Include the full address and a description such as a kitchen, exterior, or dining room to get the best results.

Remember, you need to name the photos this way before you upload them to your website. In other words, the actual file needs to be named.


Posting a Listed post on Facebook is a cheap but extremely effective advertising campaign. This type of campaign also has the added benefit of pleasing your seller. With Facebook’s insights function, you can show the number of clicks and impressions and the general interest that the ads are creating to your listings.

Moreover, you can also copy the Listed ad and change the wording to use for all Listed ads.

Format your announcement in your emailing platform, and send it out to those contacts in your database who you think would be most interested to learn about the property.

You’ll want to be selective about who you blast with these updates, however, as you don’t want to fatigue your list. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to tell everyone about the home when you send out your monthly newsletter.


In general, video is also considered high-quality content. Therefore, Google places particular importance on videos and will rank results accordingly.

Google doesn’t care about how the video was created. That’s why shaky iPhone videos are as likely to go viral as a professional-grade commercial! If you have a video related to your listing and you post it online before the portal can get the information, your chances of ranking on them will increase exponentially. Remember to include the full property address in the description before posting the completed product!


You should not hold an Open House campaign for your list until you have staged. You can advertise this event on Facebook before it happens to reinforce the position of your website as an authority on the property.

An Open House campaign urges you to create an event on Facebook. These types of ads actually lead to more publicity than before and they generate more traffic to your site.

Remember, the more clicks you can get to the listing page on your site, the more you can build up in generating leads.

After all, post this on all platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, and YouTube.


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