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Your business is unique and, as such, it deserves a custom real estate marketing plan. Make sure that your projects get the attention that they deserve here.

Have you noticed that the number of visitors to your real estate website has dropped off?

Tired of spending hours liking and retweeting posts on social media, only to see your follower count stay the same?

Do you just feel like your current real estate marketing plan isn’t working as well as you’d hoped?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, it’s time for a professional marketing intervention. In this post, you’ll learn about just five of the many benefits of getting a customized and professional real estate marketing plan.

1. You’ll Learn More About Your Target Market

One of the biggest benefits of getting a customized real estate marketing plan?

You’ll get to know your target market on a much deeper level — and likely reach markets you didn’t even know existed in the process.

With everything you have to do in a day, you likely don’t have the time to spend hours researching where your target market hangs out online, and which type of content they’re most likely to interact with.

However, having a professional whose main job is to learn these things, and then create more content based on their findings, has all the time in the world.

It’s not just your web content that will improve based on this detailed market research. It’s also your advertising campaigns and the content of your website.

A professional marketing team will be able to identify which elements of past and current campaigns got you the highest number of conversions, so they know how to create even more effective future campaigns.

Even more importantly, they’ll monitor your campaigns in real time, tweaking them when necessary to get you even better results.

They’ll also collect invaluable website data. They’ll learn which pages of your website get the most clicks, and which ones need a little bit more work.

Your website will be much more effective, and visitors will spend more time on it — meaning you’ll rise in the search engine rankings.

2. You’ll Have Access to the Latest Trends

Have you ever thought about incorporating more video content on your website and social media pages?

What about taking advantage of virtual home staging programs, so that even potential buyers in other countries and states can get a feel for the property?

When you work with a professional team, you’ll be able to create a real estate marketing plan that’s informed by all of the latest trends. Not only will this communicate to potential clients that you’re an authority in your industry, it will also give you a serious leg up on your competition.

For example, many digital marketing experts can create 3D renderings and visualizations for your properties. This will help you to identify potential pitfalls ahead of time, speak frankly with your customers about their expectations, and help them to get an idea of what a finished project will look like.

Experts can even create 3D tour and 3D floor plan that you can upload to your website and show off at conventions.

3. Things Will Actually Get Done

When you first get the idea to upgrade your marketing plan, you’re ready to hit the ground running.

You have plans to increase the speed of your website, you create a content posting schedule, and you’re working hard to increase your follower count on social media.

Things are going great for about a week or so.

But suddenly, you get a huge project request from an important client. You don’t have time to respond to social media messages and comments. You forget all about that blog post you were supposed to write. You even have to put the email marketing campaign you were beginning to draft on hold.

This is no way to win customers and grow your influence — but it’s likely a familiar scenario.

When you work to create a professional real estate marketing plan, you’re not just coming up with awesome ideas. You’re ensuring that they’re actually implemented and constantly updated.

4. You’ll Leverage Your Social Media Profiles

You’re likely already aware of just how important social media marketing is to your business.

Especially in the real estate and architectural business, the image-based nature of social media helps you to increase your clout and grow your client base.

But did you know that now, your social media profiles can also impact your overall SEO standing? This means that it’s more important than ever to come up with an effective social media strategy.

You also need to identify the platform that your target market is most likely to use.

A professional team can help you to create a posting schedule, decide which blog posts to share on your platforms, and even connect with other important voices in your industry.

Building a good relationship with social media influencers (people with a large following on social media) can help to show potential clients that you’re spending time with all the right people.

Additionally, they can help you to implement new social media marketing strategies that your competition hasn’t thought of yet. This includes ideas like going live on social media, offering virtual office tours, and even doing giveaways and offering promotional deals through social media.

5. You’ll Increase Your Conversions

Of course, the number one reason to have a professional real estate marketing plan is that it will help you to grow your business and increase your conversions.

But it’s never as simple as that.

Remember that a solid marketing plan is one that helps you identify and follow up with your biggest and most profitable leads. Re-marketing campaigns, keyword research, and getting active on social media and industry blogs all help to make that happen.

You don’t want to waste time, energy, and money on people who you know aren’t interested in what you’re offering. Instead, you want to make sure your ideas and campaigns get in front of the right people.

Marketing professionals make sure that happens.

Ready to Get Help With Your Real Estate Marketing Plan?

Thanks to this post, you now know a lot more about why it’s so important to work with qualified, experienced real estate marketing professionals.

You’ll be able to take advantage of every marketing opportunity, measure the effectiveness of your current campaigns, and always stay one step ahead of the latest marketing trends.

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, reach out to us.

Together, let’s make this your most profitable year ever.