3d interactive technology

3d interactive technology in Real estate marketing

It can be said that 3d interactive technology is opening a new horizon for real estate products. This is one of the great advances of the 4.0 technology era, changing the way clients interact with the project strongly.

1. In the project design process

During the design process, the manuscript will be changed several times depending on the opinion of the investor or architect. When an investor is seeking to review a design, they can use 3D interactive software to check the accuracy of the design. From there, they can sketch ideas about design materials, shapes, and layout of the apartment. With the arrival of 3D interactive software, all designs, details, wall paint colors, … are displayed vividly, suitable for drawings, easily modified and saved by the investors.

2. In the process of training business staff

3D interaction is a tool to use in the model houses and salesroom, opening ceremonies,… It stimulates the emotions of clients when witnessing the expected vivid image of the apartment in progress. 3D tools help train employees visually, through which they can directly see future projects, participate in assessing project strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the transmission of information to clients becomes easier.

3. In the direct selling process

3D interaction helps to confirm the quality of the project when you want to bring out its advantages and appearance. With such good quality images and interactions, the marketing team can close the gap with buyers and get them to the sales department as quickly as possible.

Thanks to superior 3D interactive technology software, investors can see the project right from the first steps of construction. It also raises the awareness of sales staff and helps clients to get information. Real estate marketers always need to quickly update the trend of applying quality technology products like this.

In short, in the near future, 3d interactive technology will be one of the best tools to help us save time, money and energy. It helps potential clients visit the home, re-enact the future upgrades. This technology will be a game-changing factor for investors and the entire real estate industry in general.