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The BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is a necessary part for the development of a BIM project in engineering. It defines and ensures the actors who will intervene in a project from the design and construction phase to the operation. BEP eliminate many problems  negative to BIM, which create a sketch perfect by define design phase such as What, When, Which and  How. Thus, The BIM Execution Plan is important in construction industry. That’s why we have to define a bim excution.

1. What is a BIM execution plan (BEP)?

The most important element of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is “information”. So, the objective of developing a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is to facility the management of the information in a BIM project. It can be define as the plan prepare to streamline how the “Information Modeling”  part a project will be excuted.

A BIM Execution plan is very central to BIM process. A BIM Execution Plan is an intergal part of any view construction development project. It become more critical while working in a project where international collaboration is essential. It ensures that accurate information is accessible at every touchpoint at every moment.

2. Why should you define a BIM excution plan?

The main advantages of the BIM Execution Plan are:

  • Responsibilities and opportunities are set up by the parties involved in the BIM project.
  • It helps to understand the goal to achieve the BIM implementation.
  • Improves  the quality of the design.
  • It highlights the resources and training needed to properly implement the BIM project.
  • It provides a reference point to describe the process for future projects.
  • Provides an objective to monitor the progress of the project.
  • Increases the level of knowledge of the team through improved planning.

3. What documentation can we generate for the BEP?

During the process of creating a BIM project, we can generate many documents. Among those related to the BEP stand out.

  • BEP pre-contract (The pre – contract  BIM execution plan) : This is the document to the formalization of the contract with a client after having defined the business requirements. Furthermore, it designates the operators who will take part in the process, and specifies the responsibilities and information requested in the essential stages of the project.
  • BEP post-contract (The post-contract BIM Execution Plan) will be drawn up to facilitate the management of the building project. So, it includes the roles, responsibilities, and authority of each professional, the main stages of the process, the definition of collaboration processes and information modeling, the delivery strategy and the compliance with the standards.
  • BEP: This document sets out the business requirements as well as the PIP (Project Implementation Plan) the methodology, the objective, the milestones and the deliverables.
  • MIDP (Master Information Delivery Plan)  and  (TIDP) Task Information Delivery Plan are fundamential parts of this phase. The objective of the document is to deliver the information necessary for the development of the construction project such as those related to models, drawings, specifications, software, etc. Besides, it refers to a series of document is to be provided for each activity, including format, date, and responsibility. Therefore, BEP is useful for efficency in a project from the design and construction phase to the operation.

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