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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process of creating and managing information in construction projects. One of the outputs of this process is a 3D building model that digital depicts all aspects of the built asset before actually constructing it. Understanding that BIM is not just using special construction software. Instead, it is a complete implant to designing and planning a construction project. There are many benefits of Building Information Modelling, through our experience, we see the following are the key benefits of BIM.

1. Collaboration and Coordination

Projects in the AEC market are always complex, any AEC industry project will have multiple stakeholders and service holders contributing to different stages of the project. Therefore, it becomes essential to share critical information and collaborate with them from multiple source points. To begin with the project, we should connect BIM information. The BIM model has information regarding every project stage and the different stages of the different design disciplines. This increases the accessibility of your team, through access to multi-discipline design information. BIM helps you streamline and collaborate with coordinated communication across the teams and stakeholders.

2. Visualizations at fingertips

The graphical simulation provided by BIM allows a user to see how their project will look in a real-life scenario. This gives a very effective visualization tool in this visually focused industry. With 3D rendering services and architectural visualization, you can actually see the entire design even before starting the construction.

3. BIM helps increase cost efficiency

The cost might be one of the main important that needs to be under control, during the whole project. Imagine when the project is going into the construction phase and architects find out a clash between structure and duct. It would be immensely costly to hold the construction and redesign that portion. With the help of BIM, you can realize the errors. Moreover, in BIM, you have a record of every step performed throughout the life cycle. This reduces duplicate documentation at various points and puts the project at a faster pace. Thus, you can save both Time and Money through BIM.

4. Accessibility to information

BIM process is completely coordinated at each stage of the design and construction process flow. You can easily access all the available information regarding design in the BIM Model. It enables the designer to be aware of the latest design at each moment and that makes change management really easy and effective.

5. BIM helps increase productivity

The target of every AEC project is to complete the project in scheduled time and within budget. At any stage, if you get stuck, the entire project can suffer from it. With help Building Information Modelling allows you to create a precise project plan in a very concise manner. A coordinated Building Information Modelling will have all the information regarding every change made in the design and everyone will be able to access that critical information. In short, any changes you make in design will be reflected in every connected design aspect. This means the entire design and construction process will go as planned and excessive time and excessive time in redesign and labor can be saved eventually resulting in overall cost reduction of the entire project.

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