3D Walking Tours

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VR Tour – Movement tool VR Tour – Movement tool
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Create a realistic tour using 3D Virtual Reality technology


1.What is 3D Walking Tours?

VR Tour is a simulation of property using 3D Virtual Reality Technology. Simply stated, it is a 3D Model that you can walk through. It is different from Virtual Tour 360° which is created from panoramic images.

What are included in a 3D Walking Tours:

3D Floorplan from the top view: Giving you an overview of your home’s layout.

3D Model of each room: that you can turn around, zoom in or out, walk across using mouse, keyboard or VR teleport

Room Navigation: It helps you switch from living room to bathroom or kitchen or any room in the tour quickly without following natural footstep

Embedded Music: Enhance the tour experience of your potential clients with combination of view and sound

Programmed movement flow: If you want to set an automatic movement on 3D Walking Tours instead of moving your fingers, you can use a default walkthrough flow.

Add-in feature: In case you want to change materials of your furniture (floor tile, wardrobe, cupboard….)

2.What you provide us:

  • Required: You need to share with us any of following documents (all are good but not required)
    • A sketch or blueprint of your floorplan
    • 2D Floorplan or 3D Floorplan image
  • Optional:
    • Preferred style of interior design
    • Samples of your favorite 3D Walking Tours (if any)

3.What you receive:

6-month access to 3D Walking Tours model of your project

If you want to extend your access time, you need to pay hosting fee



4.Turnaround Time: 2-6 business days

Additional information


0 – 2500 sqft/ 230 m2, 2501 sqft/ 231 m2 – 3500 sqft/325 m2, 3501 sqft/ 326 m2 – 4500 sqft/420 m2, > 4500 sqft/ 420 m2