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Our end to end point cloud to BIM services include point cloud conversion for architectural, structural and MEP disciplines.
We understand your scan to BIM project needs and offer workflows to deliver design intelligence, improved material quantity consumption, labor costs, and true renovation timelines.
With complete virtual digital visualization and collaboration, our BIM services experts help you save costs and time and enable you to make informed decisions for your scan to BIM projects.


Transform your spatial data to a LOD 300 building information model (BIM) in .RVT and .DWG format.


  1. What you provide us:
  •  You provide us point cloud file (XYZ, OBJ, PLY, FBX. E57, FLS, PCD) or matterpak
  1. Details:

We offer 3 price levels based on the results you want to receive:

  • Architecture includes visible walls, floors, doors, columns, ceilings, windows, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures, stairs, lighting fixture,roofs.
  • Furniture includes visible bed,desks, tables, cabinets, shelves, chairs, seating, appliances, and some wall fixtures. (Note: furniture at LOD 200)
  • MEP includes visible HVAC ducts, plumbing fixtures, pipes, power/data outlets, and some conduits.
  1. What you receive:
  • RVT file (compatible with Revit 2020/2021)
  • DWG file (per floor), PDF file
  • Documents: (You can check out our samples of BIM files)


  1. Price:

This is an estimate based on square footage approximations. Final price may vary based on accurate square footage or project complexity.

  1. Time deliver: 1-6 days




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