1. Scanning with “Scan Home” app

After creating the account and log in, you can start to make your first scan in a few steps:

Step 1: Click the “+” on the bottom right

Step 2: Fill in your project name and input the name floor

Step 3: Choose a space then press the “ Start” button 

Step 4: Tap to “ Save” when you finish.

You can easily review your scans on the main screen. If you are satisfied with the scan, you can upload to place an order. 

2. What is “Upload for processing”?

Upload for processing is a service to transform your scans to file formats such as  2D floor plan, 3D floor plan(with the style in our library), CAD file. ( .pdf .dwg .jpg)

3. Can I transform the scan myself?

We offer the “Upload for processing ” service to help you transfer your 3D model to Floor Plans file formats ( .pdf .dwg .jpg) in an effective way ( professional model, short-time turnaround, and affordable cost), but you can also do it yourself. However, this process will take more effort, because you need to have knowledge and skills in using dedicated software.  

4. What is the accuracy of “Scan Home “?

It will be about 1-4% when you use devices ( iPad or iPhone) with a LiDAR sensor. If you need higher accuracy than 1-4%, you can upload the verified measurement files when you place an order and leave a note on ” Project note”. In case you forget to upload it, you can send the verified measurements as well as your order number via email [email protected] ( you will get a number after upload for processing). We will process that order following the verified dimensions that you provided.  

5. How can I place an order? 

You can easily manage all your scans on the main screen as well as upload to make an order. Just follow 6 simple steps below: 

Step 1: Tap Your project on screens 

Step 2: Select all floors of the house

Step 3: Tap to “ORDER” and choose your wanted file formats. (Remember to login before ordering) You can refer to many formats.

It will appear a tab for checking and adding your Project note. In case you want to get your order sooner, you can change from ” Normal Priority” to “Rush”  ( additional fee may be applied)

Step 4: Select your payment option

  There are 2 payment methods: Paypal and Visa/ Master. Please check your order information carefully before you make payment.

Step 5: Check your order status 

You can check if your order was uploaded successfully or not on “My order”. 

Step 6: Download your files

We will send you an announcement via email as soon as your order is completed. You just need to login your “ Scan Home ” account and download it.  You can get the invoice at home3ds.com https://home3ds.com/my-account/invoices/. Just tap the “Save as PDF” icon on the right to download the invoice. 

You can refer to “How to order”  in the video.

If you have any problems with the final product, feel free to send us your question via email [email protected] or send 1 request at My order in app Scan Home. We will try our best to make it clear for you. 

6. How many languages and units can “Scan Home ’’ support?

You can set up a unit of measure as well as the language in the “ setting”. Just choose your option then apply for all your future scans or easily change it for each scan.

7. How do I contact you?

If you have any problems or want to know more details about our service, feel free to send us your questions via email [email protected]. We will reply within 24 hours. Or if you want to share your issues directly with us, you can also send an ‘’appointment’’ request to our mailbox. We will arrange a call to discuss this with you.

8. What is the total cost?

You can download the app for free. Cost is only charged when you place an order to convert your 3D scan into Floor Plans or professional CAD file formats. If you need a short time -deliver, it will take 10$ more for a rush order.

You can find more detail about the price when using this service on the PRICING page.

9. What devices can “Scan Home ” support? 

The “Scan Home ” app can only be used for devices with a Lidar sensor. It means that only the iPad & iPhone launched in 2020 are supported,  including the second-generation iPad Pro 11-inch, 4th-generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch, or iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Other supported devices will be updated soon.

10. Can I unify new scans with my old order?

Definitely, just send us your new scans and order number of the old scans via our email [email protected], we will handle the next part. 

11. Do you have any examples for “upload for processing” results?

Absolutely, we have created a library to provide you with many samples of file format.  Click here to see examples. (2D & 3D floor plan)

 12. Tips to scan with “Scan Home ” app 

1.Scanning A Room:

We created a video with tips to help you succeed at the first time scanning.

Learn how to scan a room professionally.

2. Scanning A Building Or Project:

Scan Home allows you to scan all floors of your building/projects, you just need to choose floor 1, press “ start”, after finish tap “Save”. Tap to “+” icon on the bottom right, choose “ Add new floor” to scan the second floor. Do the same steps with other floors of the building. This way can help you to avoid the model errors caused by data overload.   

13. The 3D scan cases we can not handle to upload for processing.

Your order can be on hold for some reason. For example, the scans have low quality related to the brightness ( too dark or bright) or scanning skills ( might be you miss and repeat some part of the room, or you stand too close to the objects/walls).

When your order can not process, we will send you an announcement to your email including what’s happening in it and suggestions for your case. 

If you’re not sure about the quality of your scan, we recommend you to pre-send the scan to us via email [email protected], we will check if it can process or not. It’s the best way to save time for both of us.

14. What is the limit of a scan space?

There is no limit of dimension when scanning any place, but we recommend you to divide each floor of a building to scan. That will help you to avoid model error situations.

You can learn more scanning tips here: Scanning A Building Or Project.