How to get your job

01 create

Through our platform, you have to provide us with sketches/ blueprints of your floor plan.

02 choose

Choose the option(s) you want to implement and add information about your job. You can request interior design or your sample 3D walking tour (if any).

03 review and submit

Check all the requests in the board then pay to submit the order.

useful information

What is the price of this service?
  • From $240.00 - $390.00(interior only)
  • We calculate the price based on the square footage approximations. Final price may vary based on accurate square footage or project complexity.
How long does it take to receive?
  • In 6 days or sooner, we will send the email with a download link. If you can’t find the link, check your spam folder.
How to host tour?
  • Home3ds will help you host your 3D walking tour within 6 months. Or you can ask us for a bundle file to upload to your own host. We will email you after 6 months to confirm whether you still want to host the tour or remove your tour from our servers.
Need help?
Provide us images or pictures or sketch plans or blueprints or Elevations or, CAD or PDF files or Matterport showcase (Anything from that we can understand).

This table serves as a guide only. Additional configuration options may affect the final billed price. This add-on is only available for interiors. Spaces that are less than 10k ft² (929 m²).

0 - 2500 sqft/ 230 m2
2501 sqft/ 231 m2 - 3500 sqft/325 m2
3501 sqft/ 326 m2 - 4500 sqft/420 m2
> 4500 sqft/ 420 m2

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